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Each season, we reward titles to the players at the top of the 3v3 and RBG ladders based on the number of players we consider active in the bracket. For the last few seasons, we have only considered players active if they have a rating above 1000. For Legion Season 1, we made the mistake of also requiring players to have 50 wins to be considered. As a result, far fewer players were considered active than intended. Since rewards are a percentage of this set of people, we ended up giving out too few rewards, which in turn meant that many players received a lower-tier reward than they should have.

Fortunately, we have a plan in place that will allow us to fix the issue and grant rewards based on criteria we've used in previous seasons. Within the next few weeks, we will re-evaluate the ladder from Season 1 and redistribute rewards. When this occurs, you will either receive the same reward you have currently, or, in some cases, a higher-tier reward.
I love you Space Goat <33333
Good. Now get back to the balance boards, and also bring us new maps!
01/05/2017 04:35 PMPosted by Mezasu
Good. Now get back to the balance boards, and also bring us new maps!

I'd Kill (in game of course), for a new Battleground :)
thank god thank you blizzard
Duelist should get Gladiator mount imo because arena participation is still at an all time low.

The amount of active pvpers is estimated at 1/3rd or even 1/4th of what it has been in past seasons, less rewards for everyone at the same % cutoffs.

There is no reward for me in PvP, all I get is duelist title, no tabard, no enchant, no mount. I feel like reaching top 3% is a waste of time for anyone and I have no plans to continue pvping this season because of it.
please consolidate factions for title's :(.
Hey Ornyx, if you ever find someone at Blizzard that actually gives a damn about PvP, will you please direct them to read this? I am not the original author but it speaks to the exact same concerns that I share about the current state of PvP, and I know for a fact that many other players share these same exact concerns.

01/05/2017 07:59 AMPosted by Theblindone
As a preface; I've been competitively Pvping in WoW for over 10 years, have played literally thousands of BGs and arenas and have secured top 1-3% ratings in every bracket save 5vs5.

I don't play anymore.

Why? Because the PvP in this game has gotten progressively worse since Wrath of the Lich King. In rough order of importance:

A) The pruning. Terrible. Deleterious. Myopic. Six years ago my Arms Warrior had 81 keybinds, over 40 macros and took a mountain of timing, finesse, resource management, situational awareness and reflex to play at a high, competitive level. Look at an Arms Warrior today... I used to have a macro that would cancel aura Bladestorm, equip a sword mainhand and a shield offhand, switch the defensive stance, enrage regeneration and spell reflect. The ONLY use for this singular button was for baiting and reflecting a Shadow Priest horrify disarm. Period. According to Blizzard, since this macro had no use in PvE and was so situational in PvP, it didn't need to be in the game at all. It was just bloat. It was removed. My Restoration Shaman had a macro that would swap my mainhand healing mace for another, imbue it with Rockbiter, and unleash the imbue for 10% damage reduction, and then swap back to my regular mace. Combined with Earth shock's old 10% physical damage reduction debuff, I could on-demand decrease a melee opponents damage to me with this slick little move. Now it's gone.

The examples are endless. The game had real, tangible and complex depth due to the massive number of options. On my hunter I used to spam Hunter's Mark on freeze-trapped targets to pad against the dispels of the enemy healer. On my shaman I would focus-hex a warrior to bait a reflect, cancel the cast, focus-flame shock so that the 30sec DoT would break any fears or traps or polys that the opposing team would put on me. On my lock I used to banish tree form. On my Hunter I used to scare beast a shaman's ghost wolf. On my rogue I had weapon swap macros to switch my offhand to one with a weapon chain, or one poisoned with crippling for shivs.

Now everyone has 10 buttons. More accurately, only about 4 they routinely use. There's no counter-play because there's no options. PvP has become as formulaic as PvE. There's no CHOICE anymore. You don't have to decide "What should I spend these maelstrom stacks on" or "What should I predatory swiftness cast?" or "How should I spend this Holy Power?" or "Should I dump arch angel on mana or damage?".

There's no risk-reward since the pruning. Casting smite is NEVER a good idea now. It's a long cast, holy school, does pathetic damage and even more pathetic atonement healing. What's the point? Why even leave Blood Presence? Oh wait, they even removed that too. Instead of taking an introspective and thoughtful look at why players were making obvious decisions they just removed the decisions all together.


B) Character customization. I used to have 18 gem slots. I used to be able to enchant or libram about 90% of my gear. I used to be able to reforge. I used to be able to choose potent profession bonuses (strong bracer enchants, or glove rockets or an alchemy haste buff). Now? Pfft. They removed 90% of the game's stats anyway because they treat us like window licking morons that can't comprehend the math behind Armor Penetration.

Along the same lines of pruning, Blizzard removed every facet of in-depth character customization out of some misguided crusade to "simplify" the game because we can't handle complexity.

I can't even buy !@#$ing PvP gear anymore. It used to be an important decision. "Should I get the haste/MP5 bracers with a red socket or pick up the int/stam legs with two blue sockets?". Now %^-* just drops. Randomly. Not that it matters because we have a STAT TEMPLATE. Talk about lazy. And the silver lining of taking complete stat control away from a player in an RPG...? Balance, of course. And Legion has been a very clear example of how well these stat templates have effected balance.

A combination of both insulting and utterly disconnected with the playerbase.

C) Complete neglect of the PvP community. What communication do we get? What new Battlegrounds and Arenas do we regularly receive? What cool new PvP-related rewards and armor and titles and enchants and mounts do we receive? Seriously? A trickle? People are literally soaring through the WSG sky in high rated RBG, on video, with a GM IN THE !@#$ING MATCH, and they're not banned. But god forbid you make a forum thread with @Cheater'sName. You're banned for 6 months...

Blizzard clearly doesn't give a %^-* about PvP or PvPers.

I frankly don't even see the point of this thread, because the only way for Blizzard to make PvP enjoyable again would be to roll back 5+ years of !@#$ty decisions. An admission they're clearly not willing to make. You have a dozen classes that are woefully homogenized, that chase each other around 10 year old arenas with their 4 button PvE rotations and no control over their gear, stats or general playstyle and then you wonder why no one is queueing.
"few weeks"

Within the next few weeks? I'm sorry but what the !@#$? The season will be half over by then. Titles came out weeks ago and now we have to wait "a couple" (lets be real, code for 3 weeks minimum) more for you address the issue?

No thanks, i'm taking a break lol
Thank you, it seems you guys really do read threads, can't say thanks enough.
Can you bring in rewards for 1800?

Whether it be different spell colour for a main attack, so people in raid will be like "omg that guys got fluro pink pyroblasts, I want that!"

Or Tabard of the Lightbringer like effect except permanent on a shirt, with different colours each season.


Something that isn't that difficult to get but will bring in pve players to up participation, and you guys can just simply change the colours each season.
01/05/2017 04:41 PMPosted by Mnmmnmmnmmnm
"few weeks"


You ended the season above 2700 right? Should be a pretty nice title :)
"Few weeks". It took a few weeks after the season ended just to respond to the disaster. Will S2 be over before these changes are made. Can you also let people know what the criteria instead of arbritrarily changing it one season without notifying anyone. Can we also get told by Blizz and not 3rd party sites what the cutoffs are.
50 wins wasn't such a steep requirement though, by how much will it actually inflate the ladders?

Could we have the raw numbers? What harm could possibly come from stating them in the first place?

that's all i got.
how in hell did it take so long to deliver that information when you already knew the way titles were calculated.... your just patching up the wound and covering your asses at this point after the playerbase realised your stealth changes

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