[A] [Cenarius] Darkest Hour - 4/10M

Guild Recruitment
Darkest Hour is recruiting DPS to push into Tomb of Sargeras. Starting with a focus on Heroic, then eventually pushing into mythic. We have lots of active players, all very friendly and willing to help, but we need high dps to fill slots in our core raid team.

Current raid times are Tue + Thurs, 6pm to 9pm Pacific time. We have stuff going on all week, M+ filling up most of that spare time, we also organize a Monday night raid which you can sign up for if you'd like to bring an alt or missed out on some other content.

The main thing we look for in any recruit is Maturity, the next things we look for in our core members is Motivation and Persistence. We recently started mythic and in just 2 weeks we've managed to clear half the raid. This is because our core is highly motivated to progress and patient with each other as we learn the encounters.

If you think you'd be a good fit, we are happy to host you for our heroic clear so you can see if you like the group. We usually start the week with the easier content, but this may change at times depending on our core's availability. Feel free to send me or our GM a message in game or here on the forum.

Elderpen - Campagnolo#1638
GM - QQless#1258

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