[A] The Octopus Club 9/9H Recruiting!

Hello! We lack the roster to start mythic EN and with The Nighthold right around the corner, we would push mythic at the first opportunity. So we are currently recruiting for a few rDPS and a Healer or two.

Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30pm est to 12:30am est.

All classes will be considered but priority for:
Shadow Priest
Demonology Warlock
Restoration Druid

The Octopus Club are a very laid back drama free guild. We are dedicated to make progression but not diehard. No raging, no screaming. We're here to have fun and down bosses.

Whisper Somedumbname, Palrphanu, Ðänté, Cataanaa, Ãcheron, or Kälica in-game for more information.

Visit our site @ http://octoclub.shivtr.com/
Yes! Please do! We need your help!
We would also like to officially apologize for Ðänté's name.

In all seriousness though, we quickly clear Heroic Emerald Nightmare and Normal Trial of Valor every week, and several of us are pushing more difficult content while we assemble a core Mythic raiding team, including Mythic+10 and higher dungeons.
Good chill team lookin for folks!
5 min ago

Hello everyone,

I am an old school player who recently got back into Legion. I started not so long ago so I'm a bit behind the curve. My iLvl is currently 853 and I'm working to get it higher by doing normal EN pugs. I am looking for a semi-casual/hardcore guild. I am a dedicated player, I always come to raids prepared and I make sure to know all bosses mechanics. I'm looking to raid 2 or 3 nights a week. You can expect atleast 90%+ attendance from me. I am not native but my english is perfectly fine. I am familiar with discord.

You can contact me here or by adding me on B.net Fanov#1679.
Nighthold opens this upcoming week, we still have need for Shadow Priests! Low gear? show us your skill and we'll do the rest!
Looking for more for Mythic Tomb and beyond!

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