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How advanced is the Legion technologically? From the looks of it, their ships are able to warp space and time like mages. I thought it would be super cool if you guys could have a team design a cross section of a legion assault ship and explain how it works. Also, is it technology that is driving the legion? Is it magic? Or both?
Looks like magic tech based on fel power. And that makes sense as fel is basically their "thing". We can see evidence of this in their fel reavers.
Magic and technology are the same thing in warcraft, the different forms of magic are the fundamental forces of the universe. Like in the real world technology is built on knowledge of how forces and material interact. Legion tech is powered by fel magic, include their spaceships, as opposed to the Exodar and vessels like it that runs on arcane. You see a bit more of how the Fel Hammer works in the demon hunter campaign as you get it battle ready and you see it in action bombarding a legion stronghold.
They're pretty much the fel version of the naaru ships.

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