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Blind Cináed here. I made a new guild on WRA, I happen to be disabled (and know quite a few of us from around Azeroth over the years,) and I happen to think I make a better leader than a follower (doesn't everyone though, haha.)

<Blind Fury> is an RP guild on WRA focusing on individual characters over an overarching storyline and our theme is that of a merc guild for... those peoples unwelcome, unaccustomed, or undesiring of the more structured regimented militaries and merc groups seen around Azeroth. In short, our guild is for your dregs that, while eager to prove themselves, make some money, or do something with their lives are simply unable or unwilling to join their race's military. Cripples, misfits, loners, and lunatics with enough of a grip on reality to function are our bread and butter, ideally.

Out of character, I was born severely disabled and I seem to find a lot of us around and I thought it might be nice for there to be a guild with a leader who can relate to this or that not working (and who is always around thanks to the guild chat app.) In terms of game coverage, it's an RP guild first and foremost but I'd like us to do all kinds of content providing there are enough people who want to do it. I, myself, would like to raid, run dungeons, and PVP with people I can trust and whose nuances I can plan for as I'm sure a lot of people in my boat would like to have their conditions understood and accounted for.

To make a point clear: we're not exclusively for disabled folks. Able-bodies can join same as anyone. Disability-friendly does not mean disability-exclusive.

If anyone's interested, send me a tell in-game or post here and I'll get back to you. Spread the word, too. The idea's a niche one and needs word-of-mouth to make it to everyone who might want/need a guild like ours.
Blind, it's cool you're trying to create a place for the disabled, but I hope you have a thick skin as you're going to get lots of "less than polite" commentary in this thread soon and some of those who join your guild will ONLY do so to troll your guildies.

So ... just be warned that you've got a hard road ahead of you.
Who trolls a cripple guild? I mean an LGBT or Feminism guild would get trolled by the 4chan but we're not out and proud or anything. We're just a collection of people who know how it is to have to deal with this crap on a daily basis and the able-bodied hangers-on. :P

Don't worry. I'll keep my eye open. :)
12/13/2016 05:12 PMPosted by Blindcináed
a cripple guild

The only people offended by my use of the world "cripple" are those people who are offended FOR us. Don't be. We can be offended by ourselves, thanks. I've called myself a cripple since I was a child because it upsets certain people. I like the designation. It's true. I'm crippled, defective, and otherwise unfinished, physically speaking.
I'm sorry, but now I think you're just trolling. I'm not physically disabled and even I consider the term "cripple" offensive.

It's just like the term retarded or even autistic, while both may be technically "correct", neither one is in any way polite to the person in question.

Neither is being called a cripple.
Lieutenant Dan!
Should make it a 100% demon hunter guild.
I knew that was going to come up, Hazzir. My wife liked the name so I stuck with it.

Smite, I don't know what to tell you except I'm not trolling and I'm sorry you don't believe that. I'm very firm in my belief that the term "cripple" is only as offensive as the individual allows it to be.

I don't. Many of us don't. It is a descriptive shorthand, nothing more. Like I said, don't be offended for us. We can be offended for ourselves.

Also, I have an autistic friend and I call him a starving autist. We laugh about it. My brother is mentally retarded (I got too much oxygen in 83 and he got too little in 86 when he was born.)
Rutger Hauer would approve.
<Blind Fury> isn't just an awesome Rutger Hauer take on Zatoichi from the 80s, it's also an RP guild run by a cripple so we're uniquely qualified to work with those who might have had a more difficult time elsewhere. PST for an IC interview! Disce Pati!

That's this week's advert and where I got the name from. AWESOME movie.
12/13/2016 05:32 PMPosted by Smitenhealz
I'm sorry, but now I think you're just trolling. I'm not physically disabled and even I consider the term "cripple" offensive.

It's just like the term retarded or even autistic, while both may be technically "correct", neither one is in any way polite to the person in question.

Neither is being called a cripple.

The only people I ever see get offended by the word cripple are people who aren't one. Funny how that works, innit?

As for retarded and autistic, those are both perfectly valid medical terms still in use by physicians the world over. The only reason they aren't in use publicly anymore is due to crying, bleeding heart NON-cripples/autists/etc. who claimed offense on behalf of someone else, which I find thoroughly condescending.
That's exactly my point. Thank you.
Sadly my brother would love to join this guild, but he likes Moonguard.
i get the best vibes from you Blind, you sound like a deadset legend to me and i wish you and your guild the very best.

kick some !@#!
Have your brother whisper me. Maybe I can convince him, heh. If nothing else, we can correspond.

Thanks, Drayzen. I'm just trying to help (and leave my mark but who isn't trying to leave their mark on the world, right?)
You should move your guild to whisperwind!! To bad your on another server!
Cheers to you and your guild blind! Cripple doesn't offend me. We chose IF and when we give words power.
Wasn't there a guild called 'The Stumps'? I think it was a bunch of war veterans that sat around coffee shops eating muffins.
I'll admit to making Direhunt, another cripple-friendly guild, on Moon Guard some years ago but computer troubles mixed with waning interest from members. We were even mentioned on WoW Insider. So this is not a new idea. Now that my computer's better and I have a tablet for when I want to play another game, I'll almost always be around if runs or chat is needed.

Blue, you should make an alt or whisper me so I can add you and yours as a battletag friend. This is more important than a single server.

And blizz STILL won't update my guild on the forum. I've been in mine for a full day now. Hurry up! It looks weird to shill for my guild when it's not my guild in the sidebar.

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