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So hey guys I have a my 872 ret and a 872 arms warrior and I have the liandrins ring on my ret and have the Ayla's stone on my warrior what would you guys suggest for choosing to progress ??
Arms warrior
Arms warrior.

Free 700-800K executes?

Yes pls.
Bump also how is arms in mythic +?
12/29/2016 03:58 PMPosted by Quintel
Bump also how is arms in mythic +?

Outside of Artifact ability and bladestorm Aoe is pretty average (by average i mean average, cleave ww spam does reasonable damage but you wont be breaking any records with it), their boss damage is great though so if you have a great cleave team they are a great addition
The Arms warrior has renewed my desire to play this game. I started off as a DK and got bored with the mindlessness, then leveled my hunter and got bored with the complete lack of pvp viability.

The warrior has literally kept me in the game.

So, warrior all the way!

As for dps, I'm 862 in my pve equipped gear (874 bag gear). I run with 92% mastery, on single target boss fights in mythic +'s and normal raiding I am able to do fantastic. Adds I do averagely. I think it's a worthwhile trade off.
my main is a ret pally and my alt is an arms warrior , so i'd say i'm in a pretty good spot to tell u about them.

i think that for pure ST dmg , arms is a beast , it's damage is awesome , also has a great deal of mobility to do mechanics , the down side is aoe dmg which is sub-par (specially for mythic+ where mobs are more dangerous than bosses) as for gearing up , i found it very easy since almost every gear from dungeons and raids have mastery

as for ret pally , it's a good all around DPS with excellent ST dmg(about 5% weaker than arms) , very good aoe dmg , many utility and heal spells(and immunes) and some mobility as well, the only weakness right now for ret pally is that if u engage in a fight where u need to constantly switch targets ( odyn , I'llgynoth, helya etc...) ur dps will go down drastically due to the judgement debuff , also i found very very hard to gear up my pally since mastery is his worst stats , and almost every piece of gear and legendaries has it , to the point where i can't use my 2nd legendary(Prydaz) because it's a DPS loss and i'm at 876 with 881+ mastery gear sitting in my bag.
Arms Warrior hits hard as hell but survival sucks and AOE is average.

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