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12/14/2016 08:49 AMPosted by Sophex
12/13/2016 08:38 PMPosted by Arlei
Puzzle Pirates.

Wait.... Another Puzzle Pirates person?? I didn't think I would run into one.

For a couple years I was Gwendolyn Bleu, scourge of the Midnight Ocean. Somewhere I have a print of the Midnight map, after I finally memmed every LP doing dnav on solo sloop trade runs.

Marooned Marauders forever! Yarr!
12/13/2016 10:21 AMPosted by Mung

I watched them roll it into the pinball arcade.

I was the second to play it.

Ah Pong. The beginning of the addiction.
First one was wow but i had a really crappy PC so i had to quit at TBC, then i migrated to tales of pirates, i think that it could be one of the crappiest MMOs out there.
12/14/2016 09:33 AMPosted by Arlei
12/14/2016 08:49 AMPosted by Sophex

Wait.... Another Puzzle Pirates person?? I didn't think I would run into one.

For a couple years I was Gwendolyn Bleu, scourge of the Midnight Ocean. Somewhere I have a print of the Midnight map, after I finally memmed every LP doing dnav on solo sloop trade runs.

Marooned Marauders forever! Yarr!

Darn, I was hoping you were from Sage (I guess now emerald?).

I played as Skrufymunky for many years as well. I was a big poker player and that's how I funded my dumb adventures of intentionally sinking my own sloops in CIs to get the peg leg and holding random tournaments with a 100k win. I remember the only actual puzzle I could easily say I was good at was carpentry. All the other ones I couldn't really grasp that well.
I very very first game was the Bernstein bears for CDO, that one console with the big blue ball in the middle. I remember cleaning their teeth.

I also remember playing daddy Kong racing on my dad's n64, and before that but after Berenstein bears was Mickey Mouse World of Illusion for Sega Genesis.

I played all these before I was even in kindergarten. I'd venture a guess that I was 3 at the time.

Later when I was in first grade my dad bought me my own game. First grade or kindergarten. The first game that was mine, bought for me, was Yoshis Story on n64. Got my GB Color in third grade and played the hell out of Pokemon yellow.

I still play Pokemon these days. Still enjoy it and I think I will forever.

Ah nostalgia.
When I had no money to support a WoW subscription I was playing...
FlyFF and Space Cowboy

Don't judge me >_>
I literally played pokemon Red and gold since I was like 3. untill my dad got into wow when I was like 6 or 7, I always made things into a grind becasue I find that stuff fun, I use to try and get my pokemon to the highest possible level where they would stop obeying me so wow being a grindy game back in 05 just suited me. Funny story Bobey was my first toon, I didnt know how to spell Bobby right lol, but it stuck : )
I had an Atari and a crate full of games. Well, my brother had that and I played with it.

But it was really the original Final Fantasy that hooked me.
WoW was my gateway mmo, but my gateway video game was Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis. with a dash of original Wofenstein 3d.
I started out on UO years ago with several RL friends. We were so excited when we pooled enough gold to afford a tower. Unfortunately the place it was in was crawling with silver serpents and scorpions.. Switched to EQOA awhile later then WOW ever since.
I'm 23 so I'm sure my experience is pretty similar to a lot of others.

My early game experiences that I can remember mostly stem from the SNES. Games like Doom, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario Bros. 3 really influenced me a lot.

The N64 was the first console that I really invested time into as it was the first console that I personally owned as it was a Christmas gift. Nothing can beat trying to discover all the secret routes in Star Fox 64 or trying to get 120 stars in Mario 64.

In middle school, browser MMOs were quite popular with my age group. Runescape and Adventure Quest were pretty popular. Eventually, I was blessed with my own home PC.

Maplestory immediately had my sister and I hooked for a long time. A free MMO with tons of cosmetic items and an anime aesthetic? Perfect for a young kid who had just watched anime like Gundam Wing & DBZ for the first time on TV.

World of Warcraft kind of came naturally after that. When it released in 2004, it was all the rage. Kids who owned the game just talked about it non-stop and friends were doing anything they could to convince their friends to get it.

Hell, it was still very popular when Burning Crusade came out and many kids were let down when the local EB Games was broken into and had 100+ copies of the expansion stolen overnight.

Now a days, I'm 23 and don't have nearly the same time to play games. I pretty much play primarily Super Smash Bros. Melee (at a competitive level) and World of Warcraft. WoW gives me something a bit more casual to play with my guild and Melee is my "hobby". I travel for tournaments and work to see how far I can push myself.
I got started with MUDs in the late 80s. Playing those I had always imagined a graphical version, and when Ultima Online came out my dream had come true!
I think the games that got me into PC gaming were the RTS genre like Age of Empires. I loved Warcraft 3 but never really played Starcraft.

The other game I really go into was the Counter Strike CZ with the Warcraft Frozen Throne mod. It allowed you to pick different classes that had different abilities that made for more interesting gameplay than normal toons.

Undead moved faster, had lifesteal, and exploded on death
Humans could partly invis and could teleport and had +50% HP
Orcs kept their loadout when they died and had powerful grenades
Elf could cc people into a trap which was useful for sniper maps
Warden could put wards on doors that did damage and warned you when someone crossed (useful for hostage maps).

You still had guns and had to shoot stuff all the same but classes were just different enough to add a uniqueness to the gameplay. Now a lot of games have copied this model successfully. Borderlands is one and Battlefield BC2 I think is another game that did a good job here. Overwatch is kind of another one.

I don't really put TF2 into that category because the classes are /too/ different from each other and it feels a little too rock scissors paper.
Ultima 3 (1983) thru Ultima 9 (1999) and Nox (2000). Adventuring games similar to MMOs: play different classes, do quests, level up, mostly fighting.

Tried Ultima Online at its launch and hated it. It probably got better.

First MMO: DAOC in 2001. Switched to WoW in 2004 and stayed.
First MMO - Star Wars Galaxies (Best crafting of any MMO ever)
First Game - River Raid Atari 2600
Started video games way back with Super Mario World, but WoW was my introduction to online gaming and "gamer culture." I like online games, but I gotta say there's a lot about the culture that I was happier not knowing.
You mean like the first games you got into?

Sonic on sega and Tomb Raider were my first loves as a kid. I found wow in 2006
Horse Isle: The Secret Land of Horses. lol

I had never played online MMOP's at all. I love horses and had tendonitis where I couldn't really use my left arm much. That game just uses arrow keys and mouse. Had horses, and was a fun game. Great game to get used to how things work. That was back in 2007.

Then I moved onto WoW. Quite a jump there and a bit of a challenge to get the hang of WoW. But so much fun!

Been here ever since. Totally addicted... I Must get my WoW fix daily! lol
Got into RPG stuff starting with The 7th Saga on Snes.. then onto final fantasy games on sony 1 and 2.. first online experience was Diablo 2.. played Warcraft 3 and finally caved when 10 day trials were released for World of Warcraft.. been my goto game every since
1st game: Gauntlet & Pac Man (when they were only available at arcades! Yes, I am old. ;)

1st RPG addiction: Betrayal at Krondor

1st online MMO: Everquest

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