[H] Ataxyia 9/9H 1/9M, recuiting ballers.

<Ataxyia> 9/9H, 1/9M ToS - We are an active guild that is looking to continue to clear Tomb, All while trying to encourage a fun raiding environment that's mature and helpful.
We also have many groups doing Mythic+ dungeons.

Looking for geared and experienced Rdps/healers but will talk with anyone with the right attitude that is willing to prepare for Tomb!

Currently in need of:
Healers: Healers with strong dps offspecs or vise vers :D - Pref holy/ret pal and resto/ele shaman
DPS: Ranged preferably with Boomkin/shadow/hunter in high demand.
Tanks - Maybe if the right fit ;)

Raid nights Wed/Thurs 7:30PM-10:30PM ST (Australian Melb/Syd) for progression content.
With normal fun clears Sundays that is for alts and Casuals to attend.

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Update, No more need for a holy paladin
Bump - looking for Boomkin/Ret pala/Mage
Hey guys, currently looking for a few more DPS and a healer. Ret pally/Boomy/ resto shaman (OS dps), preferred, but we are willing to take on any expectional players.
Guild is currently 4/7M, 3/3H, 5/10H (10/10N, and 3/10H down in the first week)
Any questions dont be afraid to ask!
Also looking for a warrior now. 8/10 Heroic
still need a warrior/ret/warlock/spriest :D
bump 10/10H now
Rebuilding, Need all classes and specs
Clearing heroic regularly, need some more numbers for tomb
need alllll the tomb numbers :D
need a few more dps for ToS, some ranged/mail users, a plate user and a clothy! not too worried about class
need a boomy/shadow priest/hunter(ranged lool)

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