[A] Lawsuit Pending 1/8 Mythic LF DPS

Lawsuit Pending [ALLIANCE] is currently recruiting dedicated and skilled raiders for our core raiding team as we progress through Heroic and Mythic Uldir. We are a semi-casual, hardcore raiding guild but we have a mix of other interests. We enjoy doing PVP, Mythic + Dungeons, Achievements, Mount Runs, etc as well. While we love having fun we focus on progression as much as possible during our raid times which are as follows:

Wednesdays: 8-11pm PST
Fridays: 8-11pm PST

While we are currently not looking for tanks, we encourage all classes to apply.

Feel free to reply here or add me on Battlenet Geekissexy#1544

We look forward to hearing from you!
Bumping for people
2/10 Mythic, lfm
so thats what its like to have a dad ; ;
rip bump
Bumping :)
1/8 Mythic bump!

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