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12/25/2016 09:44 PMPosted by Divium
PvP is awful because classes are too easy/ not fun.

Because players actually made posts in the past about class pruning, and the devs actually went with it.

Next expansion we'll be mashing two buttons.
The only reason to pvp are the mounts now, but it's stupid. Imbalanced, as imbalanced as mageclysm and mist of warlocks, however the problem is many of the good specs aren't even fun to play. We basically have only damage now, they removed so much defensiveness is ridiculous and the over reliance in burst is annoying.

Without rewards the Alliance has 0 reason to random bg pvp as we're constantly losing because the pvp tide has gone to horde due the racials. Since the only way to gain an advantage now is through racials one can't blame them.

At this point pvp is worthless despite being my favorite activity in the game long time ago.
I'll still do battlegrounds and wPVP, but it's usually because I'm with friends and I enjoy the prestige grind.
There's days, however, that I just don't want to bother because the class balancing is so horrid. Yes, I'm a warrior - but fighting the other melee is a headache too to me. I'm essentially a one-trick wonder as fury now and it sucks.

Just need Gladiator for a mount I have 0 hope in hell of obtaining. I could grab the elite set, but deflation has made that too much of a headache to be worth my time. I remember not fighting people with arena master and R1 titles at 1900 MMR.

Until class balancing is addressed properly, rated is given incentive for people who aren't top tier and wPvP is given as much of a glance...
I don't think things are going to improve.
12/25/2016 08:39 PMPosted by Wingnut

I don't know how I feel. BGs are much more fun when you have a group. Years ago, I loved PvP. I was in a guild with members that would regularly run them and running with them was a blast. A group of 5 people on vent together can wreck in BGs.

1. I premake MOST of my BG groups. Sometimes I lose, most times I win.
2. Vent/Curse/Discord/Skype/Whatevs still is a good time and a wreckingball.
3. I think it's important for us "Old Guard" to keep up with old traditions and pass them on to the newer playerbase. E.g. Premade BG's. Premade WPvP Groups.

This assumes you are able to get a squad of competent people together, sometimes can be difficult as everyone's schedules and in-game interests vary.
Because they gutted PvP.
The honor system, the conquest system, and gear vendors were just fine.
But nope.. typical Blizzard, fix it until it's broken.
12/25/2016 11:27 PMPosted by Elaice
Oh yeah and bring back the world defense channel.


I don't know why they took it away. It was not bothering anyone, you had to actually join up for it.

That channel directed me to all of the WPVP hot spots.

Way to kill your game further Blizz. Or should I say Acti - NO - vision...
if It wasnt for the rewards pretty much would have been dead by day one..

pvp talents are okay (even better than the class ones with level at some cases which is absurd lol)

Some classes are way too dependant on their pvp talents (arms warrior spell reflection at level 22 LOL) and they dont have access to them earlier on.

I need a couple of levels for prestige 4 but I'm thinking in going for prestige 5 for the next skin then I'm out of pvp until they figure it out if they want otherwise I'm fine I can live without pvping at all on this expansion.. it's way too much to handle it.
Blizzard noticed that people were having way toooooo much fun in Wintergrasp so they killed PvP stone dead.

Let it die and it wont be missed.
One of the biggest dislikes for me is WPvP as templates are not used. You can literally be killed in a few seconds because of how broken some classes are in the best pve gear. Also I'm finding that the participation in rated is getting lower and lower. I thought this was really noticeable in the last month of season 1. If you don't have a regular team then you spend most of your time in group finder. One win, one loss, someone rage quits. Its such a grind just to pump out some matches for funzies and trying to push rating up a bit rather than spending most of your spare time in LFG.

I've been trying to keep two DK's at similar artifact points and full honor level. Trying to do this for dual spec is just not worth the effort. I know in 7.1.5 legion will be more alt friendly for artifact power but what about honor xp for alts? I hate the rng of gear as well. So pointless getting the same piece of gear 3-4 times and just vendoring it. PvP players should be able to buy PvP gear like in previous expansions. Please bring back PvP vendors!!!

In last season I felt like rating was really deflated. To many times at 1800-1900 you're up against previous season duelists and they only get 5 pts for win. It didn't happen all the time but was quite frequent for me. For average players like myself queuing into teams like this is brutal. Also the recent title issue isn't helping either. I know we're in the Christmas period and approaching new year but god is pvp dead right now. Random BG queues are long, grinding LFG just to get some games in for 2's is just horrible. So many of my pvp friends from previous expansions barely pvp as well. I'm not sure what exactly went wrong with the titles but it's a big issue as far as the ladder and how titles were calculated.

Sorry if I rambled but the biggest gripe for me is the lack of communication and response to the PvP community in the last 6 months or so. I feel like so many issues could have been avoided. The way I see it is regardless if the community has identified some issues in beta or PTR that if Blizzard have you testing it and or aware of a new change then they've already made the decision for the change, prune, nerf, or buff to go live regardless of feedback. So many changes still happening and we're in season 2. Tough times ahead for PvPers.
12/26/2016 03:55 AMPosted by Aehl

Let it die and it wont be missed.

can't understand this logic

people like pvp and for no reason you're gonna say you're glad it's horrid rn?

if pvp was balanced and raiding was awful, and i said "let raiding die" i'd get flamed into oblivion rofl

but yeah pvp is dying

arenas have become so mongo it's absurd

pick a melee class and just mash your keyboard, that's leg pvp

so sad to watch like old reckful highlights then turn on twitch and watch dk press 2 buttons and get r1
Taking away the pvp vendors and the currency system and then telling the pvp community to go dungeon raid if you want to be competitive in your pvp is one of the worst moves i have seen blizz make in this game.This game is becoming just a staging ground for end game dungeon raiding and nothing else as time goes on,less of a mmoRPG style game every expac.
I agree with the sentiment but it boggles my mind when people says this
12/25/2016 08:16 PMPosted by Boringspec
We all know how terrible class balance is and how melee basically dominates PVP right now

Melee has been in a great spot since at least wotlk (can't speak of TBC since I didn't play back then), there have been seasons here and there when casters reigned, and sure, you had frost mages always being good (I'm bolding frost because many just like to generalize mages when it was only one spec), but I don't remember a time when melee was in a situation so dire they couldn't do anything at all.

And class balance was never good, but nowdays it's the worse I've ever seen.

Anyway, the biggest problem, in my opinion, is that unless you're part of the minority that pushes for rating, you know, those that actually switch races and faction from season to season to maximize their chances at getting a high rating, there's no motivation at all to PvP.

Why do BGs or arenas when you can get better gear at WQ or mythics? Unless you reach certain raiting, you can't get any upgrades.

The one in charge, seems to not understand that, besides those at the top, the people that don't go for high rating, are the ones that feed the numbers of participation... and they gave people absolutely no motivation to participate.

If I want honor levels I can just grind warden towers' quests, I don't feel like going into a BG for some AP I can get faster from WQs, a piece of gear that'd be a downgrade even ilvl wise and some potato stew.

12/26/2016 05:11 AMPosted by Lovelier
can't understand this logic

people like pvp and for no reason you're gonna say you're glad it's horrid rn?
You must be new around here. Mari- I mean, Aehl is GD's biggest "if there's something I don't enjoy but others do, remove it, because they're not allowed to have fun with something I hate" guy.
No bro. I always get into a random bg's within a couple mind of queuing.
Wow Pvp has been dead for a few expansions now. News at 11?
OP is slightly incorrect. Outside of WoW losing sub itself, PvP population has not really gone down. Casual PvPers are simply not doing arena anymore. Has OP seen the sheer number of people grinding honor? It is big. Just reached prestige 3 and started 4..
I used to love PVP... Some of my fondest wow memories are doing PVP. I still remember getting guild messages... GO TO SOUTHSHORE! and we would all get on vent and flock there to go back and forth for hours. Literally sometimes until the sun was coming up and then had to stumble off to class. Then a few guys would farm High Warlord on the server and sometimes would get asked to join their team for endless bouts of WSG or TM. And all night AV sessions... it was tedious at times, and there were huge balance issues, but it was fun. I could die in a global - still remember sitting in bush to drink and BAM! dead. But I could kill pretty quick as well. Then... it all changed for some reason. I completely lost interest in it.

I think a lot of it has to do with the people I play with, and also I lost the ability to feel powerful playing it. The few times anymore when I play a BG... get a few pyro crit chains on somebody and... yea ok 20% of their health bar went down? Very frustrating when I still seem to die in a global to other classes. I also think some of that interest went away when the alliance bad guys became random players. I remember there used to be specific alliance guys that people hated - good players that would kill me and my friends all the time. When that NElf warrior showed up or that rogue... man everyone would beeline for the guy and do their best to bring him down. With all the cross server stuff - they just became random nobodies.

Alot of that is gear and experience for the new systems and all that. But I just have zero desire to do it anymore.
12/25/2016 08:16 PMPosted by Boringspec
it is ruining a very popular game that people have fallen in love with for years.

What I fell in love with sure as hell wasn't PvP. PvP is something I only did when bored with everything else in game at the time. And since I got back into console gaming a couple years ago, I don't even bother with it.
Im not a pvper at all, i did some in past, however these pvp artifact druid form skins is motivating me to do them. All i can say is wow, i feel like wet tissue paper, think last 2 days 25 loses in a roll >.>. Think i might of ran into couple of those bots. Meh, ill force myself to keep at it, after i get the forms im back out.

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