<No Longer Homeless> [H] Is Recruiting!

Muradin and Nordrassil
<No Longer Homeless> is a casual guild of friends that have been playing wow since vanilla. We took a hiatus for part of MOP & WOD but we are now back and looking to raid again.

Most of our current guild tends to the older (crustier) side of 40, we enjoy the game and are on at least 3-6 days a week. Basically we welcome almost anybody but we like a getting to know you process. Personality is always more important to us than performance (to a point of course)

Please note that we are not a high end raiding guild; nor are we hard core raiders. Do not expect to shoot for any server firsts with us. If you're looking for a serious raiding guild, then keep looking.

If I haven't chased you away contact Papatroll or Davalia to chat as we rarely check the forums.

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