<Savage Poetry> Small PvE Guild Recruiting!

Hydraxis and Terenas

<Savage Poetry> is a rag tag group of friends looking for members who are fun and friendly to play with! We're accepting new and veteran players of all levels.

Come join us while you level to make the grind a bit easier, or run some endgame dungeons if you're at cap. As soon as we've got the roster for it, we will also branch out into raiding. We're currently mostly active around 5pm - 11pm MST.

Some key things we're looking for are:

- Active players! I'm always excited when I get the chance to meet a new person in game. I always get bummed when a new recruit joins then disappears. If you're willing to hop on consistently, I'm positive you'll love it with us.

- Folks with senses of humor (mature and otherwise). We poke fun at each other more often than not, but we understand it's all in good fun. We're raunchy. There's pretty much no topic we won't talk about and make fun of in some way. However, at heart, we're all big fluffy teddy bears looking for friends.

- Players willing to improve. We're not in the business of excluding anyone based on performance. That being said, players who make a bigger effort to improve their own gameplay to help the whole group become successful will be given priority.

That's pretty much it! If you've got even a small inkling of interest to join us, feel free to contact me or one of the following people!

Battle.net Tag: Maticus#1885
In-Game Names:

Battle.net Tag: Amylith#1377
In-Game Names:

Battle.net Tag: DankestMemes#11346
In-Game Name:
Hiya! Leader of Savage Poetry here. We've moved to the Thrall server. The names in the original post now exist on Thrall, so send them a whisper!

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