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I'd like to express how grateful I am for those who've commented, viewed and thumbs up'd this post. Unfortunately it seems that Blizzard and team changed the cutoff metric without telling anyone, and don't seem likely to fix it. https://twitter.com/holinka/status/814351491075108864

Edit* https://mobile.twitter.com/holinka/status/81456071907296051 (Theres hope!)

Main Issues (as stated in thread by community):

  • Lack of a solid rewards system to entice newer players to continue or start qing.
  • No way to really practice the Arena aspect, skirms are no diff than regular arena.
  • Healing is stressful and scary for some, mistakes feel awful, good play =s no reward.
  • LFG has failed, there is no way to hold rude players accountable.
  • Gear grind is far too long
  • Classes have no depth, aren't fun, and feel overall very lackluster.
  • Too much cc, or a better wording would be lack of ways to deal with cc

  • Hi everyone, I know this isn't the Arena Forums, but we are in dire need of your (player base in general) help.

    First off, thank you for actually clicking on this thread, that alone shows some form of support, which means a lot to us that PvP.

    Below I am going to post some statistics from this last arena season, these numbers are pretty scary for most of us.

    Legion: Season 1
  • Total Number of Rank 1 spots: 52 (24 Horde, 28 Alliance)
  • Total Number of Gladiator spots: 250 (140 Horde, 110 Alliance)

  • Here's why these numbers are scary
  • Rank 1 is a title given out to players in the top .1% of the ladder
  • Gladiator is a title given out to players in the top .5%

  • These numbers indicate that only 50,000 total players played or did arena this season

    Comparing this to previous seasons (We'll use WoD s3 for example)

    WoD S3 Data:
  • Number of R1 Spots: 242 Total
  • Number of Gladiator Spots: 1213 Total

  • WoD S3 had nearly 5x the number of R1 spots, and Gladiator spots, so this begs the question... What Happened???

    Over on the Arena Forums, we typically use the following two websites to gauge where we need to be at the end of the season to get our rewards.

    Website 1: http://www.arenamate.net/arena-rbg-title-cutoffs
    Website 2: https://arenatracker.com/player-cutoffs.php

    Both of these websites had shown that there would be a cutoff of around 2550 for Gladiator this season, but according to blizzard, the cutoff was 2700.

    The Arena Forums as a whole truly want to know why more people don't do arena, we're pretty sure these titles have been distributed wrongly, and blizzard has a track record of NOT fixing their mistakes in regard to arena. (See S2 WoD)

    I would ask for those of you who read this to PLEASE post why you don't do arena. No one is going to flame you, or call you out on it, we truly want to know what keeps people from doing what we (arena players) love.

    We love this game, and we love this aspect of the game, and we're slowly losing it, please help us.

    Thank you,
    -Arena Forums.

    Arena Participation is at an all time low, Titles distributed last season are completely bugged, please post why you don't q arena, but please leave hyperbole and etc out of it.

    Edit* (Amazing Post)
    12/30/2016 09:31 AMPosted by Hanazono
    12/30/2016 06:11 AMPosted by Groundit
    For those that say it's hard to learn, and that skirms/arena are just new guy stomping fields, how would you change that?
    It's not just arenas, though. It's PvP generally.

    Allow me to illustrate the problem with several anecdotes.
    • One of my friends plays a Shadow Priest. He explained that he'll never PvP because every time he PvPs he dies in seconds (e.g. a rogue kills him before he can even do anything). I later learned he was talking about wPvP. When I informed him PvP templates mitigate this (not active in wPvP), he informed me he had no idea what PvP templates were.
    • In Temple of Kotmogu about a month ago, I saw a mage explain that he had no idea how to do this BG. I realized that none of the BGs tell you how to do them. No where in game does it tell players how to win EoTS. In most other games, the loading screen contains something like, "Victory conditions: capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy vehicles." But in World of Warcraft, you're not told jack !@#$.
    • The PvP templates and modifiers still aren't told to players in the UI itself. You have to download Addons (http://imgur.com/a/5yBDv) to be informed that your spells behave radically differently in PvP.
    • The entire reward system is hidden. We still have to guess how many people are in the ladder. Blizzard won't tell us that, either.
    • Blizzard still hasn't told us how their title cutoffs work.
    Basically, the game doesn't tell people anything. The game won't tell you how to win a BG. It won't tell you how your spells change in PvP. It won't tell you how to get arena titles. It won't tell you that if you get 10 more rating this week, you'll get Elite pieces instead of normal pieces. It won't tell you %^-*.

    So it is any surprise that people won't PvP? When you enter an arena in legion, the mana cost, cast time, damage, and duration of all your spells will be different from what they are in the world. You're then told to play on a ladder you can't see, to earn RNG rewards that you know of (no PvP adventure guide), with stat templates you can't see/can't change, using new talents/abilities you don't normally have, playing on a team that doesn't exist, to earn two types of ELO (one of which you also can't see), all so you can get !@#$ed in the %^- by hidden changes to title cutoffs at the end of the season.

    The vacuum of space contains the same amount of information on PvP/rewards that Blizzard publishes. And by that, of course, I mean none of at all.

    How do you fix it? Well, how about actually telling people their hidden PvP modifiers in the UI? How about telling people their precise stat modifiers in Principles of War? How about actually telling the community how title cutoffs work? How about actually telling the PvP community anything?

    Blizzard has said time and time again they need to work in improving community discourse. Well. We're waiting. I'm waiting. Holinka can drag his sorry !@# out here anytime and actually tell us what he, and the rest of PvP team, are thinking. Because we sure as hell are getting tired of guessing.
    Because I'm really bad at pvp. I get away with it in bgs Cuz there's people to carry me, but sometimes I do very well. In arena there isn't much leniency for being bad.
    PvP sucks. It's just constant CC and is no fun at all to play. Not to mention that because healers feel they should be near immortal, it also makes it unfun to play against healers.

    That's my opinion. Take it or leave it.
    12/27/2016 02:15 PMPosted by Groundit
    Arena Participation is at an all time low

    Perhaps, because fewer people actually like PvP?

    Competition (and the player attitudes that come with it) are not fun, and really (IMO) have no place in a game based around cooperation.

    PvP participation falling is not, in my opinion, a bad thing. It just means that Blizzard needs to focus on it less, and focus on the co-op aspects of the game more (namely PvE.)
    We need your help.
    I don't do arenas because I don't find them fun.
    Most people do not enjoy arena gameplay.
    Arena Participation will increase when classes are fun to play.
    If I want to pvp I am going to play a game designed around it. Face it, WoW pvp just doesn't compare to other games including many f2p games.

    On top of that I hate deathmatch style pvp.
    12/27/2016 02:20 PMPosted by Dyingbreed
    I despise PVP all it is are a bunch of high levels ganging up and ganking low levels plus it isn't something I care about case in point back in MOP I was going after my cloak and with the PVP parts I wore greens and ran around the whole time.

    This is strictly about arenas.

    There is no high vs low level ganking in arenas, and the cloak was for random BGs.
    Personal perspective : Arena, much like BGs are boring as players are even more predictable than PvE bosses.
    Well you have like 3 grinds to do before you can actually be a real class in pvp.

    You have to grind AP

    you have to grind honor talents

    you have to GRIND PVE GEAR.

    All 3 of these grinds suck and you have to do them to even play the super !@#$ty watered down pvp.

    I can't even fathom why blizzard thought pruning was a good %^-*ing idea. i would say 90%+ of the community was EXTREMELY vocal and against it.

    Their reasoning for removing these skills was "People didn't use them." or "It was to hard for casual players to understand."

    Well if casual don't understand or use the abilities WHY BOTHER REMOVING THEM???

    They won't use them and it won't matter to them if you keep them or remove them.

    Too many bots and Win traders in Arena too.
    12/27/2016 02:23 PMPosted by Somalion
    Personal perspective : Arena, much like BGs are boring as players are even more predictable than PvE bosses.

    In PvP there are no addons that tell you what the enemy is about to do and how to counter it.
    12/27/2016 02:20 PMPosted by Dyingbreed
    I despise PVP all it is are a bunch of high levels ganging up and ganking low levels
    Talking about arenas friend. Not that random WPvP garbage.

    12/27/2016 02:20 PMPosted by Divium
    Arena Participation will increase when classes are fun to play.
    What needs to change so they are though? Why is PvE fun to play way over PvP?

    12/27/2016 02:21 PMPosted by Entitled
    If I want to pvp I am going to play a game designed around it.
    They have countless tournaments and Blizzcon revolves heavily around the PvP aspect of the game. They don't do Raid Races anymore live.
    In wow a sense of achievement is important for the player base. In PVE, there are small increments but common, killing the boss you were stuck on, increasing a level of difficulty in a mythic, etc. in pvp there is none especially for entry levels. If 3 people step into an arena new, they will get slaughtered and get insulted. They even get insulted in skirms just for trying it out. There is also no sense of achievement as the good stuff is out of reach for most players. It also has a really negative community where even if you go 20 wins and 10 losses, you can have a negative feeling coming out of a queue session.

    Wow needs to make it more rewarding for newbies to try it out and the player base of pvp needs to be more mature
    I stopped Pvping this expansion. I do miss it! A lot actually, just no progression, no gear no vendors. Classes are unbalanced, as well I hate arenas for the most part because everyone runs around the pillars and hides, annoying IMO!
    Because the majority of PvP players are worse jerks than PvE IMO. PvE gets the complaints about ilvl content. PvP just dish out the same but attach ratings to it. Both sides discourage new or casual players.

    From the many years of playing this game at a casual level, I will say PvPers are not helping themselves. Just like PvEers do at times. You want more participation from the average player? Start by inviting them to be apart of your side of the game instead of being as elitist as PvEers.

    Yeah there are problems with PvP this expansion, but don't go crying to the player base when no one want to PvP with 50,000 others who treat casual players like a disease.
    12/27/2016 02:15 PMPosted by Groundit
    I would ask for those of you who read this to PLEASE post why you don't do arena. No one is going to flame you, or call you out on it, we truly want to know what keeps people from doing what we (arena players) love.

    The last time I played in rated arenas was Wrath. Recently, I did skirmishes for the weekly reward. Quite honestly, it's just not fun. Which probably isn't helped by the fact that I'm not into the twitchy playstyle.

    Classes also feel strangely balanced. For example, it "feels like" melee have a bajillion ways to get to me and shut me down, but I have little recourse to just get away. My team mates tried to help, but skirmishes felt a lot like "focus one person, CC them constantly, them annihilate them". It didn't feel thoughtful at all.

    But, I'm inexperienced in arenas, so it's a whatever. But, I will say that my experience in skirmishes definitely turned me off to arena participation. I just slog my way through random BGs -- sometimes solo queues, sometimes with a friend or two -- and call it a day on PvP.

    I'm sorry your part of the game seems to be in decline. Hope they can figure out something to help.

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