[H] <My Finger Slipped> LFM M Nighthold

<My Finger Slipped> - Barthilas |10/10H||3/10M| is looking to fill the roster for Mythic Nighthold progression. There are currently a few core positions available:

Tanks - Full

Healers - Spots Available

Melee - Spots Available

Ranged - Spots Available

ALL classes and specs will be considered upon application.

  • Know your Class/spec
  • Be on time to raids
  • Have a mature attitude
  • Supply your own consumables each raid
  • Have a working mic & Discord
  • Be willing to learn and have fun
  • Raid Schedule
    Monday: 07:00pm to 10:30pm Server Time
    Thursday: 07.00pm to 10.30pm Server Time

    If raiding isn't your thing but something on this list is; you're welcome to join. Many of our players frequently participate in activities outside of raiding.
  • Mythic +
  • PvP
  • Older Legion Content
  • Achievements
  • If you're interested in joining please leave a message below or contact Frostyrager in-game.
    Or you can contact/add the officers:

    Belielle : Swiley #1597
    Mikok : Mikok #1364
    Still looking for recruits to fill our last spots for Nighthold Progression!
    New raid progress updated!
    Just a few spots left to fill the Mythic raid team!
    Seeking a tank for Nighthold
    Seeking any exceptional Ranged DPS for Heroic Nighthold progress!
    N NH down!
    Looking for more raiders to complete the roster and finish H Nighthold!
    Ranged DPS wanted
    Still need ranged DPS
    Holy paladin is required Mik update it kid
    Looking for all to help fill the Mythic raid team!
    Hi, my name is Mono and I am interested in filling a melee DPS position

    I have raided on and off since BC, skipping MoP and most of WoD. Due to IRL commitments I had to take a break for a month recently from WoW, only to find my former team mates have transferred here from Khaz'goroth to merge with another guild to do mythics. Unfortunately they have a plethora of DPS options and SV Hunter is not desirable currently.

    My B-tag is Mono#1745

    Edit: site didn't save my character change.
    Char name : Monoloco - Barthilas

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