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Guild Recruitment
Hello! Thanks for stopping in!

<EVOLVE> is a legacy progressional raiding guild. We are a fun group and we try to experience legacy content as much as possible. We understand it isn’t the same as it was back when it was current content, however, it is still a really fun experience and we strongly recommend giving it a try.

Our raids times are Wednesday and Monday at 7PM server (8PM EST). We have selected these days to hopefully have as small of an impact on Legion raiders as possible.

Currently we are progressing through Cataclysm raids! We have approximately 20/25 people online on each of our raid days and we still have plenty of room! We currently need healers the most (paladin or priest preferred, but any will do!) A mage would also be nice to have since we do not have one currently.

Cataclysm Progression:
Baradin Hold: 3/3
Blackwing Descent (N): 6/6
Backwing Descent (H): 6/6
Bastion of Twilight (N): 4/4
Bastion of Twilight (H): 5/5
Throne of the Four Winds (N): 2/2
Throne of the Four Winds (H): 2/2
Firelands (N): 7/7
Firelands (H): 2/7
Dragon Soul (N): 8/8
Dragon Soul (H): 0/8

On Fridays at 7PM server (8PM EST) we also do throwback raids of the previos content we already cleared! we are rotating between vanilla/BC/WotLK raids and also some twink PVP nights each week. Those raids can be cross server, so if you have a 60/70/80 twink and want to join us please feel free to add us or make a level 1 character on our server to see our calendar!

There are many ways to contact us!

1) Join our discord:

2) Add any of the officers on Battle.net:
(GM) - Ghost#1537
(Officer) - Bevok#1395
(Officer) - Kuks8#1977
(Officer) - Taygai#1854

3) Also, feel free to contact any guild member ingame by searching for the EVOLVE guild on Emerald Dream.

4) Message us on our facebook group:
Bump! LF Healers & DPS!
Throwback night tonight, kicking back and enjoying some BC content!
And we're off, did some Mags & Gruuls. Off to BT! Look for us in the LFG, our group is listed if you want to join!
Throwback night was a ton of fun, lots of good laughs & kills. Knocked out all of T4, TK & BT. Cataclysm group continues on Monday! Depending on comp & setup will determine if we do T11 Heroic or Firelands.
We want Healers, if you're a healer we want you!
Cata group trying some heroic BWD bosses tomorrow night, should be a lot of fun!
Well that ATL / GB game was a snoozefest so I'm back on for a few hours before the Pats / Steelers game comes on. If you have any questions or want to join, hmu!
On for about another hour or so. Need heals & DPS!
More Cataclysm Raids tonight!
Heroic Atramedes dead!
Our kill vid from last night:

Going to start Firelands progression tomorrow night! Start trading days between tiers.
4/7 Normal downed tonight in Firelands. Still looking for more, especially healers & ranged DPS.
7/7 Normal firelands. Going back to tier 11 heroics on Monday (2/6).

We could use a little bit of everything (Dps with the will to tank when asked, a healer or two, and some melee & ranged dps). Consistently having 16-18 people show up for raid. Could use more to get us closer to that 25 mark.
We are 7/7N in 25 man Firelands. We did it with about 18 people. We could use more dps and healers before we push heroic. Normal was a challenge with only 18 people so heroic will be much more difficult. We are going to revisit T11 Heroic now and see if we can push some more of those fights! Please come join us! we could always use more healers. We are also lacking ranged dps (specifically mages!).
On for a few hours this morning. Healz & DPS needed hmu!
We are still going strong! If you check the updated post above (accurate as of 2/20/17) you can see our progression! Come give us a hand!!
Lot of fun tonight, did 10m Heroic TO4W, Sinestra & Normal DS!

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