883 Rogue LF raiding guild

I am looking to transfer to where ever and even faction change to find a guild that suits!

I am 4/7M EN, and are yet to step foot in NH due to guild falling apart.

Looking for a late night raiding guild, preferably 10pm server or later.


Hey man, I think you would be a good fit for our guild as we are pretty mature and relaxed about everything.

ZOYL is a fun, friendly, relaxed raiding guild that provides an enjoyable raiding atmosphere. The guild was formed in MoP and has been the home for many skilled players over the past few years. We want all raiders to enjoy interacting with the guild and having fun doing mythic plus, random LFRs, old achievement raids and alt runs in off time. While still progressing at a decent speed on raid nights.

Casuals or those that can only make some raids are also welcome for just hanging out or doing mythics or something! =)

Raid Days / Times - Friday + Sunday, 6:30pm - 9:30pm Server Time (GMT+10 - Sydney time)

Hit me up if you like the sounds of it =)

Lanthaelans - Sinzz#1496 - Co-GM / Raid Leader
[H] Barthilas - Footy and Bonners 7/7M 3/3H 10/10H

Recruiting all late night oceanic and early morning US raiders for mythic raiding.


Currently recruiting all range DPS (high priority on Fire Mage/SPriest)

Also looking for a Havoc DH, Frost DK, Arms Warrior and Assassination Rogue

We will consider all roles and classes of exceptional players.

While we know that RL comes before WoW, we do expect a high attendance rate or at least prior notice before missing raid.

Raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday nights starting 11:45pm AEDT - 3am AEDT. Start time for US are 5am PST.

Our guild also regularly does mythic+ runs and the occasional PvP.
We usually run trials on heroic Wednesday nights before mythic, so if you would like to come for a trial then let me know. Also doing normal runs on Sundays as an extra night for alts.

If interested add me on Battletag, HamGeorge#6157 for more info or you can add one of our officers as well:

Smokepacket: Spanky#1833

Shiftgoesoff: Hovden#1920
Hey there bud

Currently a 10/10H Raid team for a mythic guild we are the second team, we are looking for ranged dps if that interests you! so we can push into mythic!

We raid from 7pm St till 10pm ST weds/fri/sun
which is 5pm-8pm GMT8 time :) (Perth)

hmu on Skargrim#1387 if you wanna chat! we are on Barth and horde :)

Footy and Bonners 7/7M 3/10M are recruiting both heals and DPS for mythic progression.
If you're looking to tackle mythic content while raiding in a fun environment, we might be the guild for you.
We run trials on Wednesday nights on heroic. We will be looking how you handle both your class and mechanics. We are also happy to help gear people up as long as they are performing well for their ilvl.

Our raid times are 11:45pm - 3:00am SvT (9:45pm - 1:00am GMT+8)

If you're interested or need more info add one of us on Bnet or Chat in Game:

GM - Ultravíolet - HamGeorge#6157

Officer - Runther - Azoras#6540


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