[H] <Undermine> 5/9M LF RSham & RDPS (2night)

[H] Undermine @ Barthilas
Undermine is a 2 progression night raiding guild compromising of raiders from SG/MY/AUS. We are currently looking for more members to join our core group for Mythic progression.

5/9M ToS

Raid Days & Time:
Wednesday & Monday - Progression raids.
Thursday (optional) - Farmed bosses.
8:30pm-11:30pm GMT+8

Currently Recruiting:
- All ranged DPS

- Resto Shaman

What we expect from you:
  • Knowledge of fight
  • Consumables (Flasks & food mandatory)
  • Since we only have 6 hours of progression, we expect our raiders to be fully self-sufficient in preparing for fight to fully utilize raid time.
  • ____________________________________________________________________________

    Contact one of the officers through BattleTag if you are interested:
  • Chlòe (Unidentified#1381)
  • Annoyance (DongleKansas#1300)
  • Tyreline (Valkryx#1955)
  • Albee (ialbee#1816)
  • Update!
    Still looking for good hunters and locks! All other good RDPS are welcome to apply!
    STill lfmmm
    Updated 8/10H! Still lf hunter/locks, s-priests maybe :p
    Got 9/10 today!

    30% from 10/10!

    Still looking for 1 hunter and a couple of locks.
    Still lfm
    Boob 10/10H
    1/10M just need more dps pewpew!
    Still need rdps :~)
    still lfm!
    You guys raid 1.30pm SST?
    Still lfm :~)
    Stilll recruiting for main core 20!
    Still recruittttinggggg
    M Krosus downnnnn 4/10M
    Lfmmmm rangeddddddd
    Lf morreeeeee

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