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When you go into Azuna as a DH, Kayn familairizes himself with you immediately. For other classes he does not, least not to my knowledge. Could we have more of this? It provides more of the "world being familair with who you are" Rather then the whole "being familair with you as some random hero" of whatever faction. It gives that immersive feeling of NPC's actually knowing who you, instead of not with the whole "oh hello [insert hero name here]" but something more towards "Hellglaive it's good to see you here" type of thing.
Ted tells me he's knows who to call if they want to destroy the planet with portals because I'm a destro lock. He doesn't know me per say, but he does know my weapon.
I absolutely agree, but I have one thing to say.
When my monk walks past the blacksmith in Valdisdall, he says, "That one holds the power of the storms in her hands." Cool, but kind of gets old.

When my mage walked past the blacksmith in Dalaran, he stopped me and said, "Is that Felo'melorn? Long I have dreamed of seeing such a blade. May I hold it?" So I passed him my blade and talked with him for a minute about it.
It was really cool. But now he acts like I'm Joe Arcanist, and doesn't even react when I walk by, not even with a wave or an emote.

But I definitely think that the npcs being personally familiar with us would be a really cool touch, even if it does mean a lot of effort when it comes to designing reaction combinations.

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