What are you looking forward to in 7.2?

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I am not saying 7.1.5 because it's only class changes micro holidays, small things

I'm mostly excited for the flying mount especially the Demon Hunter, Death Knight and Warlock
If I remember the notes correctly, there will be a new faction to get reputation with. While grinding rep isn't always the most fun, I look forward to the CHANCE that THIS faction MIGHT actually have a good reward for exalted.
Seeing the legion world

12/21/2016 08:56 AMPosted by Wariya
Seeing the legion world

That's 7.3
Looking forward to the changes that will come in 7.2 to correct the mistakes they are making in 7.1.5
1. Drop the gate on Balance of Power so we can use the other 3 Skins in the line.
Simply move (Move Unleashed Monstrosities to the left in place of the Balance of Power line). You can do that, and you should, some people might not think it is the end of the world, but I am sure there are plenty who feel the same way I do especially as more people get "Unleashed Monstrosities" unlocked but can use it, or GOTLH if they haven't got it already. But you gate them behind an insanely large quest-line. When you unlock a skin you should be able to use it, not have to wait for some prerequisite. Very poor design and your "they are optional" attitudes is piss poor for your customers, as far as a response. Make some changes.

***If nothing else make Balance of Power account-wide so people don't need to grind it out on all the toons they may have.

2. Don't limit the unlock and use of artifact skins for transmog to Legion's "runtime" only.
It isn't an issue of collecting skins being optional.

Everyone likes different things about WOW, some people like me, might like collecting all the weapons skins for all the specs, just because. There is not enough time to do that, unless you dedicate every waking hour to Legion's "expansion life" or maybe I am the only one, but it still stands.

Just because you don't do it during Legion doesn't mean you should be left out by not being able to use them as transmogs from collections. Not everyone has time to grind these out, and again because they are optional is not the friggin issue. People like to collect, and at their own pace.

This is going off the Post Q&A. Ion mentioned they aren't removing any appearances any weapons, but they were thinking about having it so you can only use the ones you unlock during Legion as transmogs from here on and that's it.

People bring up how past expansion had their special little items you could only get during their "runtime" well this is different, because there are way too many artifact skins to get.

3. Increase drop-rate for hidden appearances.
Just a little bit.
You have people posting about how they are still waiting for a drop or proc of some sort.
me personally? flying again, for the first time.
Being able to take to the skies on my druid and get free reign over the herbs of the world.
Better Craft system
More world content. There can never be enough quests and other world content.
Don't know if my Sub will last that long.
12/21/2016 09:15 AMPosted by Pawging
Don't know if my Sub will last that long.

Well you're a downer
Frost DK mount.

I am anyways looking forward to worgen model updates, but it won't happen.
Is 7.2 the Tomb of Sargeras raid? I'm looking forward to that.

12/21/2016 08:58 AMPosted by Argronak

As of right now, my mage is my only toon eligible for the mount. She gets a hoverboard that I feel like I already have.

But I should have them all by the end of the expac. I'll stop being lazy with alts eventually.
Rollbacks on all the changes done this expac.

Oh wait, this isn't a holiday wish list. Sorry


And that's it.
I really want to know what my boss (Bolvar) wants me to do. So far, DK's questline is the only interesting for me, and it felt kinda lame ending it with the four horsemen doing... nothing.
The new hidden skins for artifacts are amazing too for some classes, can't wait to get them!
12/21/2016 09:18 AMPosted by Salhezar
Frost DK mount.

I am anyways looking forward to worgen model updates, but it won't happen.

hat is wrong with the male, the females are the problem

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