Suramar - can I skip this?

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I did it to get flight. I'll never step foot in it again. I hated everything about it.
I didn't even use the mask i just butchered everyone....
I personally enjoyed Suramar overall. A few issues here and there, but was a fun chain with alot of AP reward, so I do much of it on my Alts to get the AP and a few other things. But there are far worse things in game than Suramar.

Different strokes for Different folks.
06/10/2017 02:45 AMPosted by Zunde
I'd really suggest against skipping it.

You're missing out on "HUNDREDS" Of million ap.

I only started doing it on alts once I hit AK40, then the tokens are massive AP for characters just starting the AP treadmill.
ya very skippable. I have many alts that have done none of it. i rather enjoy that.
12/28/2016 01:47 PMPosted by Charlotmkiny
The further you go, the less you need the mask. In fact, you can go without the mask the whole way, especially as a self healer.
Not in the one section of Suramar City he can't.
I freakin HATE Suramar city. I can do it on this toon, but my hunter, not so easy. I wouldn't if I didn't want the tomb for BM. I thought WOW was supposed to be enjoyable?
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