[H-Stormreaver] Inverse Logic 1/10M LF DPS

Guild Recruitment
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We are a long time guild with past push into mythics. Our members took a break mid expansion in WoD and we are coming back! I won't sugar coat it though. We are coming back but we aren't our old selves. We all have lives outside the game now and that's okay! We are striving for a semi-hardcore laid back guild to down some mythic content to see the end game. We will be working on a fun, friendly atmosphere to push into mythics with our friends (because that's what we guildmates are first and foremost)

Inverse Logic hopes to attract the type of person that doesn't need to print and thumb tack a list of rules to their wall before ever raid. We as a community of gamers expect that the people we raid with are courteous and respectful in all manners of game play. There is no reason not to have fun. We have probably all been playing World of Warcraft long enough to understand the difference between having fun and being blatantly disruptive to the group. Joke, laugh, spin the boss around, pull an extra pack of trash, make bets on dps meters, but when it comes to holding up the group and wasting time... just don't do it. It's not as fun as you think it is.

Plain and simple - Whether you raid for achievement points, mounts, bragging rights, or just the joy of the game we are all here to do the same thing: to complete encounters.

Recruitment Needs:
We will take anything we don't mind. Come in and have fun on what you enjoy! That said we will need certain roles to actually do some raids so we need


Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest

Mistweaver Monk
Restoration Druid

Frost Death Knight
Enhancement Shaman
Retribution Paladin
Windwalker Monk
Demon Hunter

And any other exceptional dps

4/7M - 7/7H EN
3/3H ToV
1/10M - 10/10H - 10/10N Nighthold

Raid times 10pm to 12am central Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Contact us through btag or at our website http://inverse-logic.enjin.com/
Need more dps!!!
Need some homies to raid with.
Updated list
Hoping to find some recruits for this week !
Still looking for players to start Mythic raids with
Got our first mythic kill down !
Still recruiting new players, especially with Nighthold coming soon !!
2/7M Emerald Nightmare
2/3H Trials of Valor

holler holler
New year, new members, lets go!
12 days till nighthold, need some fresh meat
Need just a few more members to complete our raiding roster.
3/7M now boys
Looking for more people !
Looking for a full time tank and some range deeps.
We are 4/7M now boys
Still looking for range deeps
Nighthold tonight !
Looking for a full time non paladin tank

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