Point of emissary cache long term?

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I got exalted with all the Legion Factions so now I just pick out quests that offer good rewards and mats.

You could also keep getting Emissary Caches if you want to keep trying for more legendaries as well as acquiring more artifact power
12/10/2016 10:34 AMPosted by Tuskini
I got my current cloak from an emmisary cache. 870 socketed. I got a legendary from one. I got an 885 storm relic from one too.

Useless stuff from that emissary cache right?

So because you were INSANELY lucky the rest of us should grind worthless stuff forever... oh wait... that's exactly the premise of Legion. Never mind carry on.
I got all 3 of my legendaries from emissary chests, so i'd say they're worth it.
Got my legendary chest from a cache after 3 months of doing them daily! So worth it /s
They are a carrot on a stick. One that I refuse to chase, and one of the reasons why I have stopped playing this game. A few more days on my account but I won't be renewing or buying tokens or playing anymore at all. I will just, do other things with my life.
They dropped two 820 pieces this morning, are they supposed to drop 835?
12/10/2016 09:57 AMPosted by Zenobia
They used to drop 810/820. Now they drop 835's. I imagine as progression goes on, Blizz'll raise the cap on the items and they'll become useful for new 110's gearing up.

There was no gear except for the rare legendary in them the first month or so. Then they started giving 805 gear. I think I only once had a toon that was able to use that gear.

I recall getting a piece of 825 "titanforged" gear. o_O

Now at least a toon can probably use several of the pieces that come out of those boxes, if the stats are any good.

I recently got 3 legendaries out of boxes, one on each of 3 toons. On my 2 other toons, one got a legendary in normal EN, the other in LFR.
got my legendary from a cache, plus some good stuff, easy questing each day and the chance for good rewards.
only reason to run them is legendary chance. they have arguably the highest single source legendary chance in the game.
Ever since I maxed out all my reps I really can't bring myself to do them anymore.
Is this a troll thread? All 3 of my toons that have legendaries got then from emissary chests. Also, the nightfallen chest is a source for the fox mount.
They need to make then more based off your average item level/world quest rewards rather then the base 835 level.

Oh and also make them give items you have your loot spec set to.
The point of legendaries is to keep people doing their daily emissary.

The point of emissaries is to keep us playing Warcraft.

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