lets play a game: prune 2 add 1

i say remove locks second cs and nether ward

add baseline demonic circle
How is nether ward bad when you can literally remove it since no trash buffs?
Remove thrash and mangle (maul?) Bring back ursocs

Remove sunfire & artifact ability bring back old genesis
01/08/2017 07:07 PMPosted by Oniyooshi
How is nether ward bad when you can literally remove it since no trash buffs?

i dont feel its a thematic ability for warlocks

i use it yeah cause theres nothing better in the tier, i just think its a dumb ability
Remove lay on hands and contemplation. Bring back word of glory baseline.
remove caltrops and sv hunter hunters

add back heart of the wild
Remove demon hunters and male blood elves
Remove calming waters and chain heal

Bring back tremor totem
Remove Lay on Hands and JV
Add Emancipate
remove dark command and control undead

bring back s9 hungering cold
rangers net
reptar strike

tnt stun !@#$%es
Entangling roots

Double dispel
Delete shadow walk
Delete gouge

New Shadowstike.

Oh wait,,,,,,,,
Delete Holinka
Delete Demon Hunters

Add Ghostcrawler
I'm trying to think of 2 things to give up for prep but all I can think of is distract.

Oh I know, we're getting shroud back next patch, delete that and distract and give us prep.
Remove Disc
Remove Holy

Add real healer
remove ashamane's frenzy(feral artifact) and protection of ashamane

give barkskin back


remove wild charge and stampeding roar

give powershifting back


remove regrowth/healing touch and entangling roots

give cyclone back
remove glacial spike and ice flows bring back deep

give genesis
Remove demon hunters and mw monks. Add necromancer.

Remove divine star and power word radiance and give void shift

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