Don't fix it if it ain't broken

Oh wait nvm my B....Everything is broken lawl new game les go suggestions??
What you mean you don't like getting kicked in the d!ck?
i aint resubbing !@#$ this game i could make better pvp changes myself then the whole team they have at blizzard
There are no good games out at the moment. I have high hopes for Gloria Victis and Breakaway. Maybe Crowfall.
i need a new mmo but all other mmos suck

wow just sucks(sucked) the least til now, guess ill just go buy an xbox or something
Battlerite looks amazing, Im just messing around on MoP until payday then Im jumping on the Battlerite hype
yeah i only play this game for arena and since that has been garbage this whole xpac i'd rather go back to wod at this point that says a lot about the game

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