Issues with Comcast XB3? Please let me know.

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If you have a Comcast XB3 made by Arris and are experiencing disconnects from World of Warcraft, please let me know below. Again, I'd like to focus on the XB3 (the gateway/cable modem/router). I know some of you have other issues, but I want to draw attention by dev teams specifically to the XB3.

If you had issues and then replaced your XB3, please note that as well.

I appreciate it - just trying to improve our (Comcast) service and our (WoW players) game experience.
I believe that was my old modem, I had nothing but problems with the thing, they replaced it multiple times with the same model, until I finally scraped together the money and bought my own modem and router, I no longer have the extreme disconnect and latency issues in WoW and other games I had, and my streaming apps run much smoother as well.

Comcast is known for doing underhanded things with their hardware, such as making people hotspots for other Comcast users without permission (happened to me before), causing the modem/router owner to have issues, reusing broken or dangerous hardware (also happened to me before, and it caused a minor fire in the middle of the night!), throttling users through the hardware (even when they say they aren't) etc. They will also try to talk you out of buying your own, saying you'll end up spending more in hardware then you'll spend on renting their used equipment, which is likely not true unless you buy heavily used and abused 2nd hand hardware.

I honestly recommend saving up and buying your own modem and router, spending an hour or two on reading reviews on a good modem and router, then another 1/2 hour or so on tutorials to install and maintain the hardware is well worth it compared to how much time can be wasted with Comcast support calls and visits, and not to mention how much lost time in game disconnects, streaming stalls, etc.
Gaellara - thanks for the feedback. I want to compile the information and hand it over to the folks that work on the firmware (RDK-B) on the XB3.

The Xfinity hotspot was overblown and misrepresented - people attaching to the Xfinitywifi access point were n ever riding your network or affecting your usage. We also don't throttle usage at the customer level; much of that "throttling" is due to peering agreements. I won't get into these two points since I want the focus to remain on the XB3.
looks like my router and I have also been having latency issues since yesterday. I think its wow's problem. I have no issues with other games or the internet.

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