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Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
We're a new guild comprised of a small group of friends that are looking for players that want to play the game and enjoy their time with friends. We're experienced and long time players.

Discord is not just a guild. It's a haven, a home. We love our home and hope others will love calling Discord home as well. If you're looking for a fresh start or a new guild to call home then please feel free to contact me either through this forum or in game with any of our members.

Leadership is experienced in guild management and deeply cares about the quality of the guild community. Although we will strive to formulate a successful raid team, we will not ignore or disregard members that either don't raid or struggle with class and game mechanics. If you want to play a class and raid with us we will always work with you to be a productive member of the group and ultimately care about the level of participation you have with us. We believe the value of our members is not in how well or how frequent they raid but in their character and how they treat others.
My daughter and I are looking for a guild

sure thing send me an in game tell and we'll get you guys in. :D
Hey, i'm really looking for a new guild. Let me know if you have a spot.
A friend and I are looking for a new guild as well. We are looking to do mythic+ and normal/heroic raiding. Been hardcore raiders in the past, but don't have the time we use to. Are you still looking for people?
i would love to join i have no one to play with so just looking for a active guild and a few people to play along with im starting fresh on this server add me

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