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You know I never thought "I" would have to write one of these, but honor demands it, because she was a good friend.

I have just learned that prior to Christmas 2016, a very old friend of mine from Vanilla named Leonidras passed away. The cause of her death is unknown to me, but that does not make the news any less difficult to bear. I write this primarily to let people know who she was, and what she was about.

She played a Night Elf Rogue on the Silver Hand server, and she was one of the first people I met that played a Demon Hunter in her roleplay. She was fond of the lore and did it justice. She was characterized by her Night Elf not winning any "beauty contests" and being heavily scarred due to years of hunting demons. With Deremetria, Yukale, Satya and several other early Vanilla RPers she helped to define early Night Elf RP in Vanilla.

She was also a damned good friend.

Hordeside on Silver Hand? She was Jolniran, a Troll Shadow Priest whom I joined full-time in the Sanctuary of the Errant, when Blood Elf Paladins became a thing. She was a Officer "Dictator Hat", in the Sanctuary of the Errant with a Undead Warrior (Pirate) named Keelhaul and another one named Tendrin. Where-ever you are Keelhaul, and Tendrin, I hope your well.

Speaking personally now, I remember even after all these years, the fun of our RP Hordeside, which was characterized by hunting Koosh-Koosh the Sporeling and by Lacryma and Jolniran constantly heckling each-other on whether Elves or Trolls were the superior race, in a fashion not unlike Ryoko and Ayeka.

Our warcry when we hit battles together would go something like this:

Lacryma: "Once again it's up to the Elves.."
Jolniran: "..Ta screw da world up even more!!"

I don't know what lies in wait for you Leonidras/Jolniran, but I'm looking forward to the day we meet again, and hope where-ever you are, your new adventures are epic and legendary. May 2016 die horribly and trouble none of us any more.

My one request to any who view or read this is simple. Please pray for her family, and kill a bunch of demons in Legion for Leonidras/Jolniran. I think that they would find that a most fitting memorial.

God bless old friend, rest well.
Lok'tar Ogar, "Teh Jolz." And thank you for posting this and letting me know, Lac.
The answer to the question though is that NElves are superior
Sorry for your loss.
May you and yours find peace in this difficult time. Wishing you all the best. Whenever you smite down a foe, do it in their name. Become their champion, and let their memory empower you in your worst times.

May you both meet again someday.
Those are old names I remember from my beginnings on Silver Hand.

I'm truly sorry to hear of this.
Respect given for the friendship and sharing it with us.

That is what this short life is all about.
To have had such a friend is to have won at life.
01/04/2017 06:31 PMPosted by Ataxerxes
To have had such a friend is to have won at life.

Indeed, and well said.
Thanks for sharing OP
Sorry for your loss.
Damnit. I was looking up SotE and what happened to it, and came across this.

And you necro'd it why?
02/24/2018 06:11 AMPosted by Vette
And you necro'd it why?

You necroed it too. Be quiet.
I find it funny this got necroed...
Holy wow. Has it really been a whole year since I commented here?

Sad necro.

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