Really Grinds My Gears - OOC Rant

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Lately, I'm getting to the point that I'm about to cancel my account or move to another server because people in LFR can not stand that I am not geared like everyone else. I'm not a hardcore raider, nor do I have the time. I run my own business, I work for a financial services company, and I'm working on my Master's in Mathematics. So when I get the off chance amount of free time to play, and I choose to try one of the new 5 man normal dungeons, I try to make sure I have fun jumping in as a Secondary Healer because I suck at being a Main Healer. However, when I try doing a Dungeon and get kicked out 9 times because my gear score isn't where people would like it, they can bugger off. As a casual player, I don't mind half of the things that go on, and I rarely participate in the raiding because I know I'm not good enough, but this insane requirement to Dungeon because off of the content I need to finish my Crafting or Quests require me to Dungeon Crawl is starting to grind my gears, along with the clowns that can't have someone in their party that doesn't have the necessary gear score to do half the crap Legion requires you to do....

Sorry for the rant.
No, a lot of people have this issue. Its fricken hilarious to look through the premade groups requiring you to have a minimum GS of 850-870. Yes, some people require you to have a potential gear score HIGHER than the content loot drops. Buuuut, this is ultimately how it was in Vanilla. If you didn't grind until your eyes bled, you didn't go anywhere.
Hi. I completely understand. I used to be a progession raider up until MoP but then my guild (most of them) upped and left for a larger PvP server (Illidan). A few of us remained because we just weren't that much into PvP except for the occassional bout of boredom and the fact that we sucked at it. We are all in our 30s/40s and are looking to recruit some like-minded players. We often chat together in /g chat and run 5 mans and mythics together. We are all DPS and would love a healer to join thhe fray. You can practice your craft without worrying about getting kicked because we would be in it together. If you are interested contact Innovindsha, Feyolas, or Bedevelin in-game. Or search for Dragonriders of Azeroth. Cheers. (This toon is my main Ally not my main Horde)

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