Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Good morning Thunderhorn.

I'm ready to come home; game mechanics have changed (and my rl work hours)so much that I can get my pvp on even on Thunderhorn and let's face it, the family is best on Thunder.

I'm ilvl 866; it only took me one mythic run to realize I'm not pugging again. Looking for an active, fun, casual guild. Still rocking out the hpallyness and down to just one toon so all my WoW time will be focused on this toon. Also, PvE isn't 2nd nature but this expansion is making me. Gotta be honest.

Cheers and I hope a merry Christmas to all and my prayers for those who struggle this time of year.

PS: Any PvP Alliance still around when I was last on Thunder? I'll find you.
We have a few regular Mythic + Groups running, the same mythic peeps also PvP on down time.

Just a heal or 2 and a couple of Melee dps away from getting back to raiding. Look us up.
Welcome Back!!
Thanks. Finally transferring over today. Thankfully, I have a 100 holding my name. Gonna be kicking up some wpvp. And, have to get rid of a few pesky Mythics.

Happy early Valentines to y'all!

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