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Tanking spec for rogues.
12/27/2016 07:30 AMPosted by Valynx
I guess I'd be more inclined to redesign the specs. DKs already have vs. adding another one... and, largely, anything I'd add to the DK would probably necessitate redesigning anyways.

The Necromancy spec would be the most obvious choice, but where does that leave Unholy? Well...

I'd redesign Unholy to be more... well, raw Anti-Paladin based. Powerful debuffs, DoTs, curses, auras... Unholy might not kill you outright, but it would make you desperately wish it would.

I'd re-swap the 2h vs DW metric as well - Frost, cold... a glacial pace? ... the idea that this is the fast attack spec. given the theme is just madness. Ideally, however, I'd make DW viable for all specs. as I just like DW more, but if it has to be one or the other, Frost just thematically makes more sense being slow and ponderous.

As to Necromancy... yeah. It would be minions. It would be armies of skeletons and ghouls, abominations - maybe even a long Frostdrake cooldown ala the Blades of the Fallen Prince. Give it back the original Raise Ghoul ability that worked on Players - the difference would be it would have no cooldown or limitation as opposed to true res.

I agree Most of the ideas i have would be more about redesigning a spec rather than making a new spec. I always felt like Wotlk Frost tanking was where it was at but thats just me. I feel like Unholy should be this disease ridden warrior that is the Anti-Pally basically. Make it have a ton of necromancer abilities and it would be awesome. I love the DW Frost and i understand why some people want 2H frost back. i just say make them both viable.

But im different when it comes to the DK. I loved the first idea of the DK when it was announced. That it could Tank in any spec. I even know a few people who wish blood was a DPS. Blizzard could do alot of things with all the classes in the game to make them more fluid.
Death Knight - Necromancer (DPS). Ranged Shadowfrost caster that uses multiple undead minions.

Demon Hunter - Chaos (DPS). A powerful fel sorcerer who uses the magics of the Legion against their foes.

Hunter - Naturalist (Healer). An archer who protects nature and their allies from those who would do it harm.

Mage - Time (Healer). A mage who has mastered the powers of time manipulation to remove wounds and protect allies from harm.

Monk - Firedancer (DPS). A monk that channels their chi into powerful ranged attacks.

Paladin - Divinity (DPS). Smites their foes from afar with the power of the Light.

Priest - Battle Cleric (tank). A priest experienced in the ways of war. Conjures divine armor to protect their allies and themselves.

Rogue - Acrobatics (tank). A rogue who uses tricks and evasion to frustrate their enemies.

Shaman - Earthwarding (tank). The shaman uses the power of the Earth to strengthen their resolve and protect their allies.

Warlock - Darkness (tank). The warlock has mastered Dark Apoptosis, allowing them to use the powers of a demon to provoke their foes and guard allies.

Warrior - Combat medic (healer). A frontline healer who can patch up their allies with expert healing techniques and potions.
Our god damn old SV spec
Healing spec

Using blood magic as kind of the opposite of a Holy Paladin

Will also accept Blood Gladiator stance
The warrior healer posts are cracking me up!!!

For DH a heal spec would be cool... Something centered around leeching Fel magics obviously.
Spell Breaker ( Mage Tank )

Melee, uses Archain frost and fire spells all together but not as masterfully as a pure spec, would be like the old elemental Mage from when that was still a thing. Armor would still be cloth but you use armor spells instead i.e. frost armor, mage armor molten armor and mana shield. Swap ability to use staves for ability to use shields. Swap ability to use dagger for ability to use 1 glaive.
Time. Mage healing spec!
12/27/2016 05:58 AMPosted by Tsuno
Healing spec.

Healing Shout, Resurrecting Shout...

"Here, let me smash you in the face with my magic axe of healing to cleanse that poison DoT off of you!"

Warrior Healers would be the greatest thing ever.

We call those combat medics >_>
12/27/2016 06:33 AMPosted by Symadai
Gladiator Spec! Sword and board DPS! :)

THIS, a thousand times this!
For my hunter: The old SV, renamed to Ranger.

I can dream, right?
12/27/2016 08:07 AMPosted by Darkkara
Tanking spec for rogues.

To watch them play, every rogue spec is a tanking spec
12/27/2016 06:55 AMPosted by Draculous
Ranged necromancer spec. I'd never play another class ever.

This. Unholy feels better with the extra summon mechanics in Legion, but would still love a full fledged caster Necromancer.
Druids of the Nightmare.

Holy Deathknight.

Rogue tank.

Healer mage.

Tank melee warlock. Or dps melee warlock.

Ranged glaive-throwing dps demon hunter.

One handed or sword and board dps warrior.

A monk who just makes Bruce Lee screams and fights with random objects.

Hunter healer. I don't know how it would work, just because.

Paladin that becomes a holy priest.

Priest that can wear plate.
You mean like a Frost DK that used a 2 Handed weapon. Oh wait......
For Shamans I would like us to be able to Tank again.

I heard rumors of a Mage Healer. That would be amazing to see. It's already in the game anyways, may as well make a spec out of it.
Panzerkin Moonkin tanks rise again 5th spec.
that would mean they had the other 3 specs actually functioning right. never gonna happen
Just make Shockadin a 4th spec. Ranged or Melee DPS/Healer based around judgments that change my spells/attacks
Have a % of the damage dealt splash to nearby friendly(s). Sort of like Disc does dmg to heal.
Keep Holy Shock the main damage spell thats ranged. I can stand back and spam heals if I want, or talent into more melee focused and do cleave/heal
My Judgement can change what my spells do. If i want to judgement from far away, my ranged spells splash heal and my flash heal can now do damage.
If i want to melee heal like a MW then my Conc/Crusader Strike splash heal and heal ppl standing in them and ill still have access to Light of Dawn.
Mage : transmutation specialist. Targets spend most of their time polymorphed. And mage & allies can be polymorphed into beasties (mage gets DPS from this).
Mage : mind-control. Dominates nearby beasties to fight for him.

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