What is your most hated race in game

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Gnomes for Alliance.
Blood Elves for Horde.
Hozen. Those mean, kitty-killing jerkfaces. :(
Forsaken, mainly because their leader is going down a very dark route. And I can't stand the way armor looks on them.
I can tell you want are my most hated races on these forums. Elves, Dranai, Pandas, and Gnomes in that order.
I hate blood elves..., especially the females...the way they just stand comes across as snobby and bored when they like tilt their heads. Their laugh is annoying...everything is annoying about them and they are everywhere. I don't mind the males as much.

Undead male players are usually gankers so I hate those...I do love the laugh though.
They are the real Legion.
12/27/2016 08:31 AMPosted by Animalfarm
Ley races. Or all kirin-tor emissary quests. Trick question, right?

LOL this is good!
Undead. Filthy, smelly things that should never have been allowed as PCs, they've entirely ruined the Horde.
Aesthetically, Male Draenei. Their upper body to lower body proportions just seem really off. Like, if every race/gender combo were to fall over, Male Draenei would be the last to get up.

Lore wise, Orcs. While every race is susceptible to corruption, orcs seem more susceptible than most. "Honor" (or at least their perceived notion of it) seems to leave them blinded to reason and perform actions that are clearly not in their best interest or those around them.
12/27/2016 08:28 AMPosted by Draculous
Male Draenei

I was going to write the exact same thing, in the exact same order. The only saving grace for female draenei are the cool spellcasting animations.
12/27/2016 09:56 AMPosted by Thôr
12/27/2016 09:47 AMPosted by Ilockalot
male bld elves they MUST die; the undead quest line where u enter the hitherlands and that bld elf rides up on his lil pony...

johnny awesome was there when Illidan was killed he's directly responsible for the legion return!
(He's in the raid you fight as illidan)

Yes, but Johnny was AFK, and I one-shotted him first thing, so he's hardly responsible!
12/27/2016 05:46 PMPosted by Goodberry
They are the real Legion.

Blood Elves and Goblins.
12/27/2016 09:37 AMPosted by Balrøgg

It's a fantasy game, play a fantasy race. People who main humans are the most boring type of person.
Humans for me as well. I still recall the days of trompin' into bgs and finding the entire opposing team consisting of humans. Ugh. No bueno. 9_9
Orcs, undead, because those seem like the go-to PvP races, or maybe it's just a stigma I built in MoP.

I also kill Belfs because they probably don't even lift irl.

Actually, I probably just attack anyone that isn't a Tauren, Panda or Dwarf/Gnome. I absolutely LOVE killing most alliance races in FFA zones.

It really isn't hard as a WW monk or Brewmaster, I just pop drums and use my Pot of Prolonged Power, and they just melt in a couple of seconds.

It also depends on the class, if they're a rogue, they have to die. Goes for most classes except priests/monks cuz those guys seem pretty chill.

Seriously though, I've never attacked a Panda or been attacked by a Panda in non-instanced PvP. It's this super secret club we have, called the Panda Pals.

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