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What are some of the old stuff from previous expansions that you all miss?

For me, was when there was rotations to every spec and class and that each class, had the opportunity to encounter each other!
Yeah, I member.

I remember the D*C*S out for Harambe meme from 2016!
01/03/2017 04:58 AMPosted by Kunahepa

Whoops, how did I miss that? Fix'd!
Me remember when pretty rabbit lady spat on my face.

Me never washed face since then.

Wish pretty rabbit lady would come back :(

/sad peon
I miss reforging.
member Good Morning, MIss Bliss before it was Saved by the Bell?
I also miss earning valor points and using them to upgrade gear.
I miss the WotLK pre-launch event... that was fun.
I remember the Sunwell.

01/03/2017 05:14 AMPosted by Vardenhammur
I miss the WotLK pre-launch event... that was fun.

Until people !@#$%ed en masse and it was taken out
01/03/2017 05:14 AMPosted by Vardenhammur
I miss the WotLK pre-launch event... that was fun.

Remember that bug DK's had during Wrath that caused mass deaths inside populated areas?
Two things

I miss zones with verticality. Remember zones like Storm Peaks and Deepholm that required flying? Back when Blizzard wasn't wishy washy with flying and designed zones around it rather than taking it away.

Vehicles comes as a close second, mostly because they do get the occasional nod here and there. I loved Wintergrasp and the other PvP maps brought in Wrath because I didn't have to do my usual mage thing. Instead I could hop in a demolisher and go to town on an Alliance keep. Not to mention Flame Leviathan is one of my favorite fights to this day.
I miss how hard raids were back then
Only thing I can think of is reforging.. I miss that...
Pepperidge farm remembers
I miss reforging, and I also miss MoP/WoD's legendary questlines.
I miss NOT having a dumbass legendary system
I miss reforging.

I miss having a lot of alts. I had eight level 80s by Wrath and many more coming upward toward 80. By WoD, I had sixteen level 100s, all but two leveled up the old-fashioned way. In Legion, I have two 110s and one of them is not played much.

I miss the days when Blizzard communicated with its player base.

I miss the days before Mists of Pandaria when there were no "live through someone else's experiences" quests. The first like that I encountered were in the Jade Forest, with the quest line regarding the alliance scouts. When I first went through them, I thought they were fairly interesting. And then I did it on an alt, and another, and another, and so on, and by that point it was driving me up the wall every second I was in those quests, and for every similar quest since then. I hate these quests.

I'd like to say I miss the days before Blizzard kept shoving PvP down my throat, but those days never existed.

I miss the original talent tree system. The one that gave lots of flexibility and hybrid specializations. The one that gave me a point to apply every level.

I miss the original structure in which abilities were provided at specific levels, it provided something almost every other level; although I do not miss having to go to class trainers, that part is happily gone. The current system of providing abilities often leaves me with nothing new for many levels at a time. The button squish may have been necessary, but the pruning had some undesirable effects.

I don't miss having to redo my action bars with each new rank of each ability, missing one occasionally while leveling up, and getting embarrassing auto-whispers from an add-on telling me I wasn't using the maximum rank of an ability.

I don't miss the days before the group finder for dungeons, when it could take an hour or more to assemble a group for a dungeon, if you could find anyone at all, and it could take twenty to thirty minutes to get everyone to the dungeon (it took three to summon at a meeting stone), and then someone would leave, and it was back to a city to recruit another. I'm glad I wasn't around for the days before meeting stones.

I miss when my Water Strider didn't fall into the water every time some worthless meaningless mob brushed me as I passed by.

I miss flying. A lot.

I miss all of my good friends who have quit playing WoW. Hey, Blizzard, get on that! Pronto!

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