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Wyrmrest Accord
"We are the readers of the sky, speakers to the wind, walkers of the earth when the sun is high. At night, we name every star and they guide us. We are the explorers that read every sign and we tell the stories of our conquests in an endless chain.

But we were not always these things.

Journeys can leave scars, but scars heal to reveal many things to us years later. For us--those that remain from the days of blood--the only truth is that the only vengeance worth having is justice."


Wartotem Tribe is a Tauren-only tribe welcoming Shu'halo and all Horde-loyal subtribes of Tauren from all walks of life. We have a strong emphasis on warrior culture, but warriors are not all that we are. It is our intention to offer a place for individual character development and story growth as a group. We have established cultural rituals and ceremonies that offer us up as a creative alternative to other tribes.

What, exactly, is our definition of a warrior culture? A tight-knight society which specializes in combat or warfare. While traditional warrior culture leans morally neutral, our characters will be asked to uphold a strong sense of honor and strict moral codes as we are not a sanctuary for needlessly hostile characters. Something else to keep in mind also is that while our guild houses many warrior-like characters, you do not need to be one in class or subclass to be part of our tribe. Spirituality and druidism will hold a significant place within our story.

At the moment, we are small and intimate group with end-game focuses on both PvP and PvE content. We have an active discord that we use frequently for lore discussion, team organization when teaming in-game and in-general shinanigans! If large guilds aren't your style, perhaps we're the answer for you!

If you would like to learn more, please contact Blòódmane (alt codes 0242 and 0243), Indani, Housch, Khornhe or Bluechild in-game. Otherwise, you may put in an application at wartotem.enjin.com, where we will review your submission within a day or two and set up an IC-interview!
Excellent concept for a guild. Best of luck to you and may your grazing lands be ever bountiful :)
I'll be keeping my eyes òó peeled for you guys!
Us nature folk in Treehoof think yall Wartotems need a little nature in your lives. Chill out, mang.

We're totally not hippies.

But yo, welcome to the scene!
Buncha' nature freaks.
I am making a Tauren on this server -just- to join this Guild.
I put in an application and am looking forward to hearing back from you. I am still fairly new to rp'ing in general though so it might not be the best. But I am happy to learn anything i can and this guild seems like a good place for my character to call his home.
Wow, thank you for all the great feedback, interest and compliments! I am completely ecstatic!

Thank you for the support, as well, Etu, but rest assured, we certainly have our own share of druids!

And great, Drakhar, I do look forward to hearing from you, and seeing your application!

Moskege, I just received your application, and I am reviewing it now! I will contact you shortly, hopefully in-game!
Tauren based warrior society guild?

::Steeples fingers:: Goood. Goooood.
We also like cats.
Our first guild event is on Tuesday!~
Yeah we're okay I guess
Sounds like an absolutely fantastic concept! If I ever retire these tusks of mines for hooves and horns, I'll definitely take a gander over to your side of the prairie :D
Nice concept, have seen a few of your Tribe members in Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff. Hope to see your Tribe around TB!
See the horns on my helm? I'm a Tauren too.

*Joins guild*
I do have an idea for a tauren priest that would make an excellent addition to the tribe (at least, that's what I'd like to think, lol). You may be hearing from me soon!

A mighty, drake-like, reptilian beast residing in the deep sands of Tanaris was spotted and tracked over a period of days by aspiring Brave, Aotharin. A hunting party of six was assembled and lead by our High Warbrave Housch Rumblehoof to exterminate the beast that plagued the southern sands.

Komodera put up a hellish fight, during which Sunwalker Taromal Cloudhoof and Chieftain Ou'rok Bloodmane suffered what would have been grievous wounds if not for the mending efforts of Moskege Riverchaser and our Archdruid, Indani Cyansky.

After the beast was felled, Ou'rok, Taromal, Indani, and Housch shared the ritual of eating the Komodera's raw heart. Harvesting her meat and other organs, the Wartotem Tribesmen are now in full preperations to sail to the Broken Shore and support the efforts of the Horde there.


The first event was a great success! We had a total of seven people show (although two had to leave midway through). This current story was a wonderful collaboration between a handful of our members, in which Komodera was thought up by Aotharin, and the DMing was lead by Housch. I cannot thank you guys enough for such an excellent experience!

I'd also like to take the time to welcome Moskege, who found us via this thread into the guild! You have been a delight to chat and write with!

I'd also like to thank Mato for showing up to watch (what they could) of our RP, and (HOPEFULLY!) They will decide to stick someone in with us c: I certainly look forward to meeting this Shadow Priest you've just mentioned!

Our next guild event takes place on Friday (1/13/2017, friday the 13th, so spoopy) at 6PM server, which will be DMed by the very talented Indani!

Stay tuned for more of Wartotem's adventures!
The event was a lot of fun thank you for having me, this guild has been great :).
You all get a bump from this guy; I can really dig the concept and tone of this guild.

Hope to see you all out at our community weekly Bloodthirsty Thursday's sometime!

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