H [Tactics] Recruiting players 7/7M 8/10H NH.

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
We raid 6:30-9:30 ST (PST) Tues, Wed, Thurs. We will be primarilly running a Loot Council, awarding those with good, consistant performance and attendance. We may sometimes have a continuation raid on the off days for those who have nothing else to do and feel like continuing, however those runs are completely optional and will not count against you for not attending.

What we want from you:

* Talent is hard to come by, and gear is easy to get. We're fine with you having a late start into the content, although would prefer you to be at least 855+ ilvl.
* Good raid awareness
* You have the drive to play your class competitively (but not in a way that would hinder a boss kill. Progression > dps) , and you actively seek to improve your performance.
* You should have an understanding of the bosses before coming to raid.
* The desire to be the best you can be and clear Mythic long before nerfs come out.

Class Needs:

* Warlock
* Hunter
* DPS with offspec Tank or Healing.
* 855 ilvl to start with. (Gear comes fast)

We like to have competitive raid spots to keep people working hard and to keep them from becoming complacent, so we welcome any talented and driven players to apply!

Contact for those with interest/questions:

Impure#1957 (GM)
Hard to recruit on this server lol
12/22/2016 08:52 AMPosted by Dhar
Hard to recruit on this server lol

I can't speak for Shadowsong, but Borean Tundra has been on life support since early/mid Cata. So...good luck.
Such is life here on the smaller realms.
Glakhmed you looking for a guild bro lol
Meh, not really. I can't commit to raid times. Too much going on out in that thar real world.
Johnny smells funny =P
Hey Glakhmed hit me up if you are looking to even be a fill in when your on and we need a spot filled man you can come in on days you can do stuff. Or even mythic + stuff.
12/27/2016 05:28 PMPosted by Gelphling
Johnny smells funny =P

I agree. John smells funny.
Why do you two hate me :(
If I didn't give you a rough time, you'd think something was wrong xD
We would also like to recruit those that want to focus on mythic + content.
Always looking for talent even on these servers.
Still looking for those unpolished diamonds waiting to raid.
01/12/2017 01:35 PMPosted by Dhar
Still looking for those unpolished diamonds waiting to raid.

What about a polished turd?

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