Boats/Zep not appearing?

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Is anyone else having this issue?
No. It's you.
Occasionally. It was a bit of an issue the first day of Winter Veil; bunch of us had to stone back from UC after killing the Greench because the zepp never appeared at the tower despite the sound effects. Last I checked there was a 'known issue' stickied on the bug forum about it, dating back to pre-Legion.
I took a Zep to Northrend the other day.

I d/c'd and when I logged back on, I was at the Alterac Valley portal.
Had a fun experience today with Zepp from Org to Tirisfal. We pulled out and instead of going to the map screen a bunch of us got teleported into the city all on top of each other and were stuck - as in could not move at all even after we dismounted. Was really funny. I ended up logging out to fix it.
Off and on. Saturday early afternoon (PST) I had no boats on Darrowmere, but later in the day there were boats. Sunday had boats but they seemed a bit slow at arriving... lol (Wait time seemed longer.) Haven't tried today, been too busy to really play.

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