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Guild Recruitment
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About us
Raiding together since November 2014, our core was formed by groups of real life friends and awesome online friends we've come across. Our guild culture is similar to that of a college dorm, while our raiding philosophy and expectations are considered semi-hardcore. We are a highly active community of friends that enjoys hanging out on discord, laughing at each other and having fun while playing random games together.

It is well understood that our raiders are held to high expectations in order to be on our progression team. Raiders are expected to come early to raid and be individually prepared to obtain the guild goals for that night. DPS are required to be constantly simming themselves and be capable of performing at around 90% of their sim. Remaining active in mythic+ and keeping your artifact weapon high is a requirement.

Raid Times
TUESDAY: 6:00 - 9:00pm PST
WEDNESDAY (optional): 6:30 - whenever PST
THURSDAY: 6:00 - 9:00pm PST
SUNDAY: 6:00 - 9:00pm PST

Roster and Bench
All raiders and raid decisions put the guild's interests first. To make progression as efficient and clean as possible for our guild, we support a roster of around 23-25 fully geared, ready to roll raiders that share this mentality. We recognize that some classes are simply better than others for some fights, and substituting is appropriate given how tight some DPS checks are (M Krosus). In raid, we use the bench as a flexible tool that provides us only with advantages.

Split Runs
Because our roster is stable and our raiders are very active, we spent some time preparing split runs this tier. We currently have no plans to hardcore split Mythic NH (although we might split the first few bosses since they are cake!), but are mainly using the splits as a means to pool normal/heroic tier and trinkets to our core. The most important thing is literally just having an alt that you can bring. If you are committed to us, we can and will gear it for you extremely fast.

Updated as of February 21st, 2017, in order of priority:

• Any 1 healer (we can talk about which class - our healers are flexible)
• Hunter
• Shadow Priest
• Elemental Shaman
• Mage/Boomkin/Warlock

• Rogue
• Fury warrior

If you think you can find a long-term home with us, please reach out via btag: mcw#1769
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We also run mythic + nonstop, come grind with us
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