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Pittsburgher here smashing through the doors and dabbing on you all with no survivors. Philly = turbo trash
South Jersey about 10-15 min drive from Center City.
Pittsburgh Here.

We're fine, and recovering still a bit shaken.

(also not into the sports so I don't care about the petty rivalry thing.)

I take my bike to Paoli to get it maintenanced. Actually from Norristown originally but moved around a lot around the city, before moving in the city, before moving away entirely earlier this year.
Bensalem/ Levittown raised.. do I know you?.
Until the thread necro I didn't see this ..... nice to find it.

Someone mentioned Telford on the first page --- the first 12 years of my life was in Telford! (In the mid 80s my family moved to South Jersey...but my memories of Telford from 30-odd years ago are good ones).

At any rate my whole family traces back to Philly back until my great grand parents who came over from across the Atlantic....I'm old-ish, so that's going back to the late 1800's.

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Where are my Philadelphians at? :D

- Langhorne here! (Outside of Philly, I know. But if I said "Langhorne, USA" in the title, it could have literally meant anywhere)

Howdy neighbor
I live in York. Make ice cream at the Turkey Hill Dairy.
You cant get to heaven on the Frankford El
I’m in Wilmington, so not far from Philadelphia.
Actually lived in Philadelphia for school some years ago.
I hate the Iggles with the fury of ten thousand suns. Which basically means I’m from one of three areas what ain’t Philly.
Wilmington as well :)
West Chester, not Philly but w/e.

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