If you play a female Blood Elf

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You are a terrible player and are the bane of both mine, and every other decent person's existence.
And people don't believe that there are kicks against Blood Elves just for being Blood Elves. Welp. Here you go.
i love you too
Why though?
Personally I would take a BE female over a judgemental PoS anyday :)
Between this and the "Why?" thread I'm pretty disappointed with Sunday so far.

At least next week it's Christmas AND Sunday on the same day.
They hate us cause they ain't us.
Awe, does someone need a hug?
And next you'll say a generic insult towards the poster of the thread
Cause BE mogs are boss?
Elves are the worst, aren't they?
but at least their hot tho
I identify as a blood elf female and i am offended.
Another bane of everyone's existence reporting in!
12/17/2016 10:08 PMPosted by Stefine
but at least their hot tho
Elves aren't as good as Pandas..

Just saying..
12/17/2016 10:08 PMPosted by Adelphie
Elves are the worst, aren't they?
12/17/2016 10:08 PMPosted by Pawging
Cause BE mogs are boss?

Actually there are a lot of problems, particularly with weapons, shoulders, boots, and gloves. All of the above can look ridiculously big and/or malproportioned on a female Blood Elf when they look fine on a female Orc or Pandaren, for example.
World first mythic Helya had lots of female belfs. They must be garbage though.
Those damn elves are at it again and can't take the cold hard truth

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