[A] <The Òd Squad> is recruiting!

Muradin and Nordrassil
<The Òd Squad> (5/7M & 3/3H) is Muradin-Nordrassil's #1 ranked guild for PvE content, and we're looking for skilled players of EVERY spec, interested in core raiding spots, high mythic+ keystones, or both! We're trying to put this server back on the map for serious PvE content, and get all the best gear we can in the process.

We currently raid Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, at 9:00pm server (Central) time, for 2-3 hours each. 100% attendance is not mandatory, and you are not required to stay for the full duration. We're all adults here, and we understand everyone has a different schedule.

We use Mumble as our required raiding voice program, and we have an optional Discord server for casual fun, a place to post things, etc.

ALL applicants are considered! We want to help you help us!
You guys need a mwm healer? I need a raiding guild
01/19/2017 05:52 AMPosted by Melaniatrump
You guys need a mwm healer? I need a raiding guild

Od Squad is a dead guild now.
Our insanity needs more raiders, 3/11M and progressing!

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