Disc/Shadow Priest Looking for a Home

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Seeing as I am looking for a guild to raid/pvp/talk to...

So who I am I? Just a priest looking to do content, and honestly tired of pug groups, toxic players in said pug groups, and generally looking at trade as my only source of entertainment (Granted, trade chat is entertaining at times).

What do I bring? I am currently an 870 Disc Priest, with around 868 Shadow and Holy. I have primarily main spec healed since BC, and doesn't look like things are going to change anytime soon.

"But Venym, why havn't you found a raiding guild?"

I'm glad you asked. Time constraints. I currently live on the East Cost, and work Third Shift. Meaning, for all indications, I go to work when most people set up raids. I thought about server transferring, and I still may if I don't get bites. Beyond this, I am completely free on the weekends.

So if you are looking for a priest that meets these requirements, feel free to hit me up in game.

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