[A-RP] Brotherhood of Clemency- Light's Mercy

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This is a good group of people! Love em all. Only complaint is that Nelly is a nerd.
This guild is p good. Would recommend.
GM is bae
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can i join on my tauren

also NELANY said i could say bump :)

The soldiers DEMAND steak.
That's a yes.

the light's mercy will give a nice sear....
This guild is one of the best that I have been a part of. They are a great community and full of roleplayers that I have enjoyed roleplaying with. Even though I have a few wacky ideas for characters, they are open to all sorts of roleplayers.
Nelany healed my bear-butt yesterday. It was great. We were both screaming the entire time.

People were dying. There was fire everywhere.

10/10 would recommend.
Thank you for all those wonderful people that joined us tonight for Kyriels funeral event. A great ceremony with lots of awesome people who had some great ideas to add. Thank you to the elves for doing a elf thing.
This is the place of true followers of the Light. We hold an open hand to all those who wish to be friendly.
A great guild and a good group of RPers. Nelany has been fun to work with in the past and is reasonable in her temperance when you come to her with a problem.
As I transition from being a murloc tadpole squire to a dwarven elder/retired sorcerer, I look back on my past experiences in the Alliance. A gnome wishing to be a paladin, and thus set out to become the Bucket Knight. A sorcerer that was one of a kind and the minority of minority amongst magical tallfolk. An ogre from another timeline that only wanted to help the Alliance, but seemed to always be misunderstood from MU prejudice. And finally, a murloc tadpole with the ability to tap into the light.

All of these combined have made up my experience as a roleplayer on Alliance MG. Many of you possibly know me from a few of these. I have taken observation on the Holy rp scene, as I was in four of them. There was a large quantity of drama and mesh of OOC and IC in two of these, and a hampering of creative ideas in another.

The last one, was this one. The Brotherhood of Clemency, where I spent time wearing my cap with a feather. This was one of the greatest times I had on this server. The lady in charge inspires me to this day as a role model to initiate roleplay. And she is the reason why I made my guild. Not only to make a better Dwarf Roleplay Community, but also to create the best roleplay I can as a Guild Leader.

And with that, I'd like to thank you Nel-Nel, Jacky ol' fellow, Talarman/Shior, Mr. Lemon, and all the others for inspiring me to take this new path in life, and starting up my guild.

If you are looking for a guild that'll change your life, both OOC and ic, join this one.

Also, I am open to rp with anybody at the Marketplace this afternoon!

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