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Guild Recruitment
I wasn't told about the eternity part when I joined. I thought I could leave at any time. But I've been branded, so even if I attempted an escape, I would just be returned. If they come at you with hot pokers, RUN.

But seriously-ish, I am enjoying raiding with this group. You will too.
Brb, changing name to xxxgokusephirothxxx
YO! See ya posted on one of my posts. I was wondering if you lot had an interest in a Holy Pally, Balance Druid, and Death Knight DPS? We are all looking to raid and do Mythic+ dungeons and all that jazz.

PittaPatta#1647 is my battletag.
Added you~
Still looking for more
Still actively seeking mildly-interesting people who know how to play vidya games better than my grandmother
I have been asked by the "Powers that be" to suggest that if you are reading this you consider joining us. I won't bore you with details... If you're good apply (Talk to Rei). If you are hot garbage, kindly move on to the next post about Hunter nerfs or cat videos.
01/25/2017 06:36 AMPosted by Rei
Which means that the core group never has any drama, nobody gquits, and nobody really gets butthurt about anything.

Yeah except for that one time when I tried to cheat on the woman who was the mother of my child with a female priest in my raid (who was married already). Yeah...but she turned me down because she had enough sense.

Still it didn't stop my baby momma from logging on mid raid and gquitting after she found out, but hey...the aftermath of all that should't be called "drama". So yeah please join my drama free guild!

Rei prefers druids. Just saying.

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