[H] <Phoenix Ascendant> Is Recruiting!

Muradin and Nordrassil
Hey there, <Phoenix Ascendant> Is looking to recruit some ranged DPS players and a healer to our raid group, strongly preferring a Paladin or Monk healer at this time though any strong applicant will still be considered. As far as the DPS goes anything but a hunter ( already have 2 ) would be ideal but an exceptional hunter would still be considered.

We are a Heroic raiding guild that formed at the start of MOP and have been a tight group since then. Expanding the team after the introduction of Flex raiding. Our goal is to get Ahead of the Curve in a reasonable amount of time with every patch and we have achieved that goal every time.

As of today 1/23, we are 7/7 H , 2/3 H, 7/10 N (and raiding more NH tonight!)

Our schedule is 8-11 CST(server) Wednesday/Sunday/Monday during progression and reducing down to 2 nights(usually Wed/Mon) once we get our AOTC and all content is on farm status. We're all adults with lives and understand that everyone's going to miss raid now and again so we don't stress about perfect attendance, just regular attendance and strong performance when you're there.

Feel free to send myself or one of our officers a tell in game to talk more!
Officers: Khymaera, Mictan, Windstrider

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