<Phalanx of Perdition> and <Last Exile>

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
I have taken the mantle of casual now. If any of you are left, come see me and we'll see if we can't have some fun like the old days from time to time.

This is also a shout out to any of the old BwR people back in the Vanilla/BC days
Sheesh, thats a name I havn't heard in years. Well, good luck, pretty sure most of the people in both guilds either quit, left to a more populated server, or faction switched.
Names I haven't seen in many, many years
Love seeing old peeps from the good ole' days. Yea, I've hung up the raiding gear and prefer to just travel the realm and hang out. I ran with Summit back in the day. Teliko from PoP and Askashia from LE were regular raiding buddies. Good seeing some of the long timers!
Geeze this is an old name. Welcome back guys! I used to be Sylense way back when :O
Yo !
Hi Friends! Hit me up if you want chat sometime! I'm over on Wyrmrest Accord, to the extent that even matters anymore.


Confirm/Deny: Riha still does more DPS in seal form than Rhomen as ret.

Me and Moriquath are in a guild together. I flipped when I saw him in chat! Find me and Add me on Bnet.
/e pulls Thelanor's pony tail.
I still miss BC arcane T5 set fun...
Hello old timers! I recognize many names in this thread.

Used to run with Last Exile back in the BC days like many of you :)

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