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Since night elves can be mages, it's only fair turnaround to allow blood elf druids.
Panda Lock
Night Elf Paladin

Night Elves look best in plate. Hooves and waggle are weird, and Humans look better in cloth.
Panda DK and Gnome Paladin.
Careful guys, it seems like you're all having too much fun with this. And when there's fun to be had, Blizz comes swinging the no-fun hammer.

They might start removing some existing race/class combos just out of spite.
Worgen paladin, tauren rogue, and tauren demon hunter.
Worgen Monk. Goblins and Worgen should really get Monks.
01/19/2017 09:16 AMPosted by Pouncey
Hey, here's a fun fact that seems to have been forgotten.

Way, way back, early on in WoW's lifespans, classes were simply archetypes, and they were meant to allow players to play the un-named troops from the Warcraft RTS games.

Warrior was the class that represented the standard soldiers of each race. It represented forces ranging from Gnome soldiers armed with powerful guns, to Orc Grunts armed with axes, to Human footmen clad in full plate armed with swords and shield, to Night Elf Sentinels, mistresses of guerilla warfare in forests.

Each race had their own culture and ways of doing things, and to avoid having to make dozens of different classes that were unique to each race yet somehow balanced, Blizzard decided to create classes as archetypes that applied very loosely to a wide variety of different things, purely for gameplay purposes.

It's why things like Class Halls are very upsetting and frustrating to lore nerds like me who've been around for a very long time. It flies in the face of racial uniqueness by declaring that ALL warriors are like this or that ALL (class) are like this. And it transforms the concept of "classes" from a necessary gameplay mechanic, into an actual lore thing that exists.

Here's what I don't get. If classes are just archetypes, that should make it easier, not harder, to accept new race/class combinations.

Think about Death Knights, for instance. A Death Knight is an actual thing that exists, not just a gameplay mechanic. There's a fully-fleshed out story behind each and every DK in the game. And that story makes it essentially-impossible for, say, a pandaren DK to exist, because their lore says they were protected from the recent series of catastrophes by the mists of Shaohao.

Similarly, Warlocks are "real", and because of that, Draenei can't be warlocks. (The restriction there isn't as severe as it is for pandaren DKs - theoretically, Blizzard could write in a coven of exiled Draenei warlocks - but they certainly wouldn't be able to join the Alliance.)

But a Warrior is just a basic fighter archetype. Warriors are people who hit their enemies with large heavy objects. Any humanoid can do that. Even if we discovered a race that had never thought of the concept before, after being exposed to us for a few years, their kids would be running off to Orgrimmar begging for weapons training. So it makes complete sense that every race has warriors now.

The other archetypes might be slower to spread, but Azeroth is a living world full of dynamic cultures. There's no reason we shouldn't see more priesthoods, or knighthoods, or circles of elementalists, or druidic orders going forward.

When a pandaren monk and a tauren druid get to talking, how long do you thing it takes them to notice the similiarities in their philosophies and practices? Do you really think the pandaren won't wonder if he can take on the aspect of Niuzao or Xuen?
Give me a human shaman an then we'll talk.
Undead Paladin

Draenei Warlock

Tauren Demon Hunter

Just because I can.
Night elf warlock.
Undead Druid.

Where'd all the fur come from?

Wouldn't YOU like to know.
Human/BE/Gnome Druid.
human druid, maybe a tauren demon hunter.
Belf druid. The shapeshifts would be so glorious.
DRANEI WARLOCKS plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

DRANEI ROGUES plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Blood elf Druid would be so cool
Goblin Druid

My fave race with my fave class.
Orc Gnome Hunter.

Because someone has to cull the gnome population, and it might as well be orcs.
Pandaren Warlock. Just because I like the juxtaposition of fluffy and evil.

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