Returning Player Seeking New Guild

Muradin and Nordrassil
Hello, as that title says it I'm returning WoW and looking for a new guild to call home. Last time I played was about the 2-3 weeks after the lunch of Legion. Atm I'm trying to get used to dungeons again cause the last time I was serious into dungeons was during Cata. I'm hoping to find dungeon type guild that wouldn't mind showing me the ropes again, I will catch on quick. Me personally not much a raid person, but I enjoy the dungeon aspects though. I do have an mic and Discord, Mumble, etc.

Currently have lvl 110 Druid, 101 DH, 100 Hunter. I'm also trying to level my 74 DK, 99 Rogue to lvl 110 as well.

If there is any guild willing to take me in, you can add me on bnet @ Vlnom#1237.

Thanks, Happy Hunting!

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