<Crunchy Adventures> 7/7H 7/10N

<Crunchy Adventures> is a social guild who loves to raid & PvP.

We are looking to get a reliable & consistent raiding group together to clear through Nighthold on N/H & Emerald Nightmare on H.

We are currently recruiting for two healers (druid/monk/H priest), and RDPS (boomkin/mage/lock).

Raid times are Mon/Fri 7.30pm-10pm SVT.

We have zero tolerance for elitism & rudeness. We're just here to progress & have fun while doing it.

We have our own Teamspeak server which is managed by the GM which is always active.

If this sounds like the guild for you, don't hesitate to send me or the other raid leaders & organisers an in game PM or add their battle tag.

Lunlaena#1354 (Lunlaena)
Zul#11574 (Zulyaaz)
Johnno#1148 (Orocyn)
Still looking for fun people to raid with :D
Looking for friendly people :)
Recruiting for Mythic + runs & social players as well.
Hi there , recruiting social levelers as well ? My max levels are at frostmourne but I m thinking of moving here on horde side

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