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Hi everyone, I'm currently an 894 equpped ilvl Demon Hunter tank looking for a more serious spot in a raiding guild. I know that there seems to be a stigma against them, but recruit the player and not the class. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Some quick backstory, I've been playing since Vanilla as a warrior tank. I played that through the start of WotLK, clearing everything but Sunwell pre-nerf(Mu'ru) and original Naxx. I played a ret paladin as a break of pace until I decided to reroll for Legion. My current guild is fine, as I was set to raid with some old friends from my Wrath days until we found out our schedules were incompatible. So I've been reduced to Pick up groups (PuGs) for most of my progression. I know people want logs or past tier mythic conect listed, but if you were a pre-nerf sunwell raider, you know many mythics don't hold a candle to that. I am more than happy to prove my skills

My current (PuG) progression is 7/7H EM, 2/3 ToV, 9/10H NH (xp on all fights). My goal is a Mythic type guild focused on efficient raiding. I am flexible on what faction I am. My times preferred are mostly weekend evenings EST. There is room for weekdays as long as we dont run over 11est. Theses are fixed until further notice.Please feel free to add me if you'd like to talk at Rioad#1560 or leave a reply.

I don't think your raid times fit, Sorry.
Still looking and currently available for all horde runs ATM
Hey Chief,

High Noon on Sargeras (A) is 7/7M EN and 5/10 H NH - currently progressing through the rest of heroic NH before heading to mythic.

We raid Tues, Thurs, and Sund from 8-11 CST.

Fun group of players who play a ton of blizz games together - former HC players that don't have 40+ hours a week to raid anymore but still enjoy downing bosses and having fun!

Let me know if you want to chat more - Juggernaut#1737


Appreciate the responses thus far, but not good fit, still looking!
Still seeking a close fit to my needs.
I have a few with some potential, but nothing solid yet, still taking offers.
Sent some btags, be on around 5 EST.
Still on the hunt, ready to trial most evenings
Looking for more, am flexible to your progression or times
Please feel free to add me tonight. 5pm EST I'll be available.
Update: 7/10H NH now, Still PuGing
Updated main post
Optimal times tonight!!
If faction change in an option, our Moriarty team is seeking for a tank.

Proper Villains is Recruiting for Team Moriarty!

Guild Achievements:
Tier 17 US#159
Tier 18 US#144

Server: Proudmoore - High pop
Faction: Alliance

Raid Lead: Lioplerodon, Neflesophlic#1329
Heroic NH 5/10
Normal NH 10/10
Mythic EN 7/7
Heroic ToV 3/3

Monday & Wednesday 9:00pm - 12:00pm MIDNIGHT Pacific (Server time)
Raid forms at 8:45pm

Goals: Heroic -> Mythic progression on 6 hour schedule. Clear content at our own pace. Formed with the idea that long time raiders with jobs and/or families can still find time to raid on a reduced schedule. We started late in the tier, but we're catching up quick!

Recruiting Priority:

- Will consider any type

- Will consider Any class

- Recruiting priority Resto Shaman, MW Monk

Will consider other exceptional applicants!

Key guild differentiators:
Our guild, raid, and Discord atmosphere is constructed around being a collaborative low-stress environment. There is absolutely no yelling or raging at people, no egos being thrown about. We discuss problems in a respectful and civil tone in order for everyone to learn about the boss mechanics and push progression faster. We encourage people to speak up with ideas, suggestions, and mistakes without fear of being attacked in some form.

We do not require people to level/gear alts for split runs. We do have an alt raid on Friday nights, but it is purely optional for those who like to play alts.

What we are looking for:

- High skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs and application)
- Ability to attend at least 90% of raids. (Miss no more than 1 day out of 10).
- Have time to play outside of raid to achieve reasonable character progression on your artifact, rep, dungeons, research current and upcoming raid encounters, and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game.
- Mature attitude, Drama free and a Team player. Ability to learn from mistakes
- Ability to communicate on Discord
- If lacking in raid experience, demonstrate potential to learn and excel in a raid environment
- We do not require a verbal interview. Consider the application your time to impress!

Please contact Lioplerodon (Btag Neflesophlic#1329) or Thunderkats (Btag Giselle#1498) if you have questions.

Please apply here http://proper-villains.enjin.com/recruitment2

My guild is looking to find a new strong tank, one who could MT, especialy one who likes to run m+'s. We raid 2 nights a week (wed & Thurs) from 8 est to 11 est with an optional alt/casuals/achev run on Sundays. We are an active guild with 3 kara groups numerous m+ runs on our off nights and weekends. Our guild has been around for 8 years, is a mature group, stable very organized and has NO Drama. We have a low turn over rate (we mostly loose people to real life not to other guilds). We are semi casual with a positive raid environment. Many of our raiders use to raid in top 100 guilds but don't have the time to raid at that level anymore and want to have more fun in raids. If your interested I have listed contact info below and our longer post with more info .

Legion expansion progress: 4/10 H NH, 8/10 N NH, 3/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 H TOV.

Recruitment Openings for legion raiding:
MT Tank - Any tank class
Ranged DPS – Any class/spec
Melee: rogue, warrior, or demon hunter

Raid Times:
Weds/Thurs 8pm to 11:00pm EST (required for all members)
Sunday 8 to 11 EST (Optional raids typically consisting of achievements, alt raids, or farm content).

Undying Resolution is a semi-hardcore guild on the Alliance US Elune server recruiting for our Heroic and Mythic raiding for Legion. We strive to create a raid atmosphere that pushes progression in a reduced amount of time. We understand that people have families, jobs, and lives outside of the raid, but we also expect our members to communicate with us about those potential absences. We are a long-running guild with strong leadership and maintained active 25-man raids from WOLK to MOP. We raided Heroic & Mythic raids thru all of Draenor. We work to progressively raid and clear PvE content, striving to clear content while content is still current.

Who you are:
You are over the age of 18 and are mature, team oriented, and well versed at your class. You show up to raids on time and are prepared with flasks, food, glyphs etc (guild bank provides as many consumables as we can). You study the fights ahead of time and do not depend on the raid leader to teach you. You are able to take constructive criticism and learn by it. You are one that exhibits patience for progression as progression is not all about one shots. You communicate with officers about potential scheduling conflicts and sign up for raids in advance on our scheduling calendar.

For More info:
If you are interested in joining us at Undying Resolution, please visit our website http://www.undyingresolution.com/

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Lissanna (Lissanna#1777) or Ankzu (Ankzu#1382). You can also hit me up (thought ask if its Peter as my kids are often on my accounts too) Peter (Dpeter#1949)
i'll probably be talking to people tomorrow, but feel free to post if you want to offer
And no, faction change isn't a factor. I'm willing to make the move for the right fit.
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