[H] <Zero Empathy> 9/10M 1/9M 8/9H LFM

LF Healers and Rdps for core team. Also recruiting For our 2nd team their raid days are: Wed,Fri,Sun at 7pmSt- onwards
LF all roles but tank for mythic content.
Recruiting for both teams! :)
Looking for all classes and specs!
Gratz to ZE2 for 8/10H!! A very nice bunch of people :) if you're looking for a chill environment they are for you! :)
Gratz to ZE2 9/10H!
LF Rdps
Chronomatic is dead! Trill prog monday
Trilliax is dead!
Still looking for Rdps! :D
now recruiting healers
Mainly recruiting Rsham,Rdruid,Hpally
LF1 Non priest healer
Bump! Looking for a Warrior/Surv Hunter/Enh shaman
and a Resto Druid/sham
Recruiting Strong Mdps!
Recruiting all specs and classes
2/3M TOV :)
Bump! looking for Rsham/Druid and a Surv hunter!
Bump! looking for a strong Rsham to progress further!
Krosus is dead!

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