stop forcing a language barrier

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Well this is a horrible idea.
01/25/2017 08:43 PMPosted by Mineus

The Mandarin dialect has over 50,000 characters, although, apparently, you can get by with reading a newspaper knowing between two to three thousand.

I imagine that makes their version of Wheel of Fortune rather interesting...

"I'd like to buy ANOTHER vowel please...."
01/25/2017 08:11 PMPosted by Alesen
EU only.

Don't worry, people outside of America actually take time to learn spanish considering its the 2nd most spoken language in the world. (Chinese is 1st and English is 3rd.)

I know, education hurts, it's okay sit down.

That's bull.
01/27/2017 12:44 AMPosted by Gabbie
01/25/2017 08:13 PMPosted by Derpalm
Ever seen ragnaros? 90% of people in LFG just blackball that server from the get go and for good reason...
Yeah I've seen amazing players from Ragnaros and I've seen Average Joes who wipe the group from not doing mechanics or talking, just like every other player I run into from English speaking servers.

There are good and bad players everywhere.

I have never seen a pug from my privileged realm grouping that I wanted to re-queue with because they've all been unpleasant, but you're not putting a label on that because of their native tongue. Hypocrisy at its finest.

I love you, from Ragnaros <3
This change is to the EU realms. EU!

See where it's got "eu" in the URL? Use your heads, y'all, our queues already combine speakers of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese...

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